LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Villa Savoye set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Villa Savoye. Set number: ; Name: Villa Savoye; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Model making; Theme: Architecture.

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At this point, I’d recommend pushing the pilotis up so that they sit flush with the upper floor. Selecting Le Corbusier was not a foregone conclusion. Excellent review of this wonderful set It’s a surprisingly large box. She has a larger footprint than Fallingwaterwhich holds a similar price point but has more pieces, and Villa Savoye manages if anything to look more imposing. There are many excellent French architects to choose from and they are responsible for far more well known and architecturally interesting projects than the Villa Savoye again, my personal opinion, biased by the fact that many examples of the Modernist movement do nothing for me.

Two weak points in the construction also spoil it a little for me here. I’ll probably be picking this one up come December – when I get an extra employee discount.

Finally, let’s see how Villa Savoye compares to other favourites from the Architecture range:. It’s worth pointing out at this stage that the dimensions of the upper floor are an odd number of studs: OK, I see where you’re coming from. I thought so far we had got off lightly without having to place lots of fiddly 1×1 tiles; but there’s a pile of them sitting there looking ominous; and sure enough Note here the 2×2 tile next to the 2×2 inverted slope the inclusion of which I can’t really explainand the 1×1 round brick just to the rear.

This really isn’t noticeable on the finished model, so I can forgive this. From the front, we can see how much the upper floor overhangs the lower, and there’s a delightful symmetry in the colonade of pillars flanking each side: With a good selection of dark green parts, this might be useful as a parts pack; however, the majority are common pieces and the inflated price of the Architecture line reduces its appeal for parts alone.

I appreciate the inclusion of a more ‘advanced’ technique here, but I wonder if this section might have been better achieved using regular studs-up stacked plates, like the upper floor windows.


Instructions For LEGO 21014 Villa Savoye

It doesn’t sit tightly in there, and tends to flop around. From this angle, the curvy roof wall thingy almost looks like a sail. The Villa Savoye is not a building I had heard of, prior to this but then I’d never heard of Robie Houseeitherand seems like an odd choice to showcase a famous building in France, savoyr other edifices are more widely known either as world-renowned landmarks or architectural significance.

This review copy got a little crushed in transit, but coming direct from Billund it hadn’t been afforded the usual protection of your average Shop Home purchase. Posted January 1, edited. And I confess to never having heard of it before, which I thought initially made it a strange choice for an set which intends to showcase prominent French architecture; there are plenty of more famous choices, classical Louvre, for example or modernist Pompidou Centre.

Instrhctions September 1, The only other contemporary set they appear in is Sungnyemun. It’s a far less surprising choice if insfructions think of it as a Le Corbusier building, rather than a Paris building, if that innstructions sense.

Aside from the LEGO and Architecture logos, and a little text, there’s little to distract from the set itself, which pops out of the card at you in this example, and contrives to look larger than it really is. Detail on the first floor terrace is added: Black SNOT bricks are employed at front and rear to attach the small sub-builds pictured top-right.

LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer | Brick Owl – LEGO Marketplace

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. It is also, I suspect, a digital render rather than a real photograph of the set.

Thanks for the review: Just shows my ignorance to great architecture around the world! I’m still reading that manual. Unless, that is, you are anal about lining ssvoye up correctly.

The ground floor gets just a little lost, even with its expanse of window either side of the doors; however, I think this might have been purposeful on the part of the architect. Note also the lack of windows on the right-hand side, which allow movement of air onto the terraced area. Finally, we are even provided with references for further reading! Guess we’ll have to pull with Finns to get an Alvar Aalto building next. From here you can again admire the pleasing regularity of the pilotis ; and again note how the bright upper floor seems to float on the the darker ground floor.


I guess that’s dictated by the odd number of pillars, which the whole building seems to be scaled around. Just like the real thing, this set features columns, functional roof space, open floor planning, long horizontal windows and a free facade. But you can see how well the curved roof and long, shallow-inclined ramp is recreated in LEGO.

Ok, it’s a little blurry, but I did have to persuade the pilot to fly over the house. Wonderful review, thank you so much. You might have heard about it earlier; some vague info – a misspelled name and price – was leaked back in February. I agree it would have bee nice to see a bit more flexibility in that regards; perhaps a simple MOC fix will do the trick.

Steen Sig Andersen doesn’t get a credit on the box, as far as I can see.

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It loses a point only for the asymmetrical windows and ‘air-conditioning’ rear end. Sign in Already have an account? Earth green 1×1 bricks are also welcome, and surprisingly not used as trees in this Architecture set.

At the rear, the grilled SNOTty section is, I think, meant to represent a row of windows, but it looks more like an oversized air-conditioning unit. All-in-all, it’s rather a simple build. They almost get lost under that big overhang; but that’s true of the real building, whose doors are flanked by large stepped windows not quite successfully recreated in LEGO.

One is the ‘floppy’ 1×12 zavoye I mentioned, which should connect at its far end to the ground floor, provided you remember specifically to push down on that one spot; the other is the 4×12 plate at the front-right of the base, which despite having three layers of plates above it, is still only connected at front and rear, and can come loose if you pick the model up by the front right corner. Of course I’ll never know, but indeed I probably read it somewhere or got inspired by the recent survey.