Should you dress how you want to feel, or simply dress how you feel? Three rules from our framework of fashion psychology to help you dress. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Enclothed cognition | We introduce the term “enclothed cognition” to describe the systematic influence that clothes have . The term Enclothed Cognition is used to describe the effect that our clothes seem to have on various psychological processes like emotions.

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Future research, they suggested, could examine the effects of other types of clothing: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Give me a break. While shopping on two different occasions, when I was wearing enclotued suit and tie, I was approached by customers who inquired of me how they could apply for a job at the store.

Enclothed Cognition: Put On Your Power! – Positive Psychology News

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Should you dress how you want to feel, or simply dress how you feel? Are you kidding me? Secondly, I did not encounter any research on uniforms; however, there is some fascinating a bit tangential but, nonetheless… research about how sports and sports teams are the only measured ways that racial prejudices are erased.

I know a lot about the effect the clothes you’re wearing can have on your psyche but there is certainly not enough research on this subject. Why Image Matters — Working Look.


Introducing “enclothed cognition” – how what we wear affects how we think

It seems that the shift to daily casual wear could actually be a profound way to create balance—especially in your industry—where calm, relaxation, and letting go are paramount and, so very difficult for us Westerners to achieve.

It seems it is more than that. Clothing styles and sometimes, requirements vary across geographical regions, between religions, genders, age groups, and professions. Current Biology, 13 Like many other people who frequently experience anxiety, I am also drawn to neutrals — beige, sand, stone, grey – because they calm me.

Emily May 21, – 8: Interesting study, and it raises two questions. We also hope to demonstrate to brands that using this framework as a lens when designing and putting together collections, and knowing the psychological profile of their consumer will help them commercially.

Enclothed Cognition: Put On Your Power!

I originally interpreted this to be a reflection of student bias. Is the enclothed effect about some kind of identification with the clothing?

I had not shaved nor washed my hair that day, and I wore a mismatched suit and tie made up of several items from the local Salvation Army store. Our pilot studyalthough in early stages, is beginning to demonstrate clear correlations between mood, personality and aesthetic preference, which will hopefully serve to help create a better fashion psychology framework.

Introducing “enclothed cognition” – how what we wear affects how we think – Research Digest

Email required Address never made public. I know that, the other day, I chose to wear a suit rather than business casual, and it did make a difference in my own perception of myself and that likely radiated to others. However, what I enjoyed about the research is the scientific approach to a business application.


During my own low periods, certain days where everything went wrong and I felt abandoned by friends and family, I had a tendency to go full-out fashion Darth Vader, an all-black armour-like Carine Roitfeld-esque look cogntion a belted jacket and black boots, which in all fairness looks cool, but is too out of alignment with my baseline aesthetic.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They claim that the influence of clothes depends both on wearing the clothing and the meaning it invokes in their psychological schemas. Purely anecdotal, but, whenever i’m tinkering on ennclothed motorcycle, I tend to work for longer and with more focus when I wear a respirator and protective eyewear.

Maxine Sacks Like Like. I imagine that the initial stereotypes that most humans automatically apply to others kicked in for her in that moment. Summer is for Conferences: Try this, and let me know how your intentional, enclothed cognition experiment evolves.

Like people didn’t know that what you wear makes you feel something? Lisa Sansom May 21, – Theory, Research, and Application in Positive Psychology.

The Halloween experience is quite striking.