Culture and Explosion, now appearing in English for the very first time, is the final Originally published in Russian in , a year before Lotman’s death, the. Culture and Explosion, now appearing in English for the very first time, is the final book written by the legendary semiotician Juri Lotman. Culture and Explosion is the English translation of the final book written by legendary semiotician Juri Lotman. The volume demonstrates, with copious examples.

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lotan Minimal existing structure presumes two languages and that none of them was able to explain the whole reality. It means they are using the same code and similar memory capacity. The contrasting of reality and unreal is common to all text-in-text situations.

Originally published in Russian ina year before Lotman’s death, the volume puts forth a fundamental theory: The intermediate un-translability or limited translability between languages is essential for adequate reflection of the outside world in these languages.

Therefore, to describe normal communication in languages, we must bring in the concept of tension, the contradiction between the certain forces bewteeen spaces A and B. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Chapter 4 Continuity and discontinuity. The fool and the madman. Past is embedded inside the text structure and also exists as a memory outside the text. The number of his printed works exceeds titles and the archive of his letters, now kept in the scientific library of the University of Tartu, and which includes his correspondence with a number of Russian intellectuals, is immense.


I have the Estonian version of it, luckily we share the hometown with Lotman so there is semiotics in the air here. Esko rated it it was amazing Oct 05, You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Contents Chapter 1 Statement of the problem. Nikolay Mollov cluture it it was amazing Mar 23, We can say that mutually identical sender and receiver understand each other ideally, but they have nothing to talk about.

Culture and Explosion – I︠U︡riĭ Mikhaĭlovich Lotman, Jurij M. Lotman – Google Books

However, Lotman does not explain what initates explosions. Text in text The reality is even more complex: Semiotic space opens in front of us as the intersection of different layers of texts, that all together form some layer, which has internal compex relationships, different level of translability and spaces of nontranslability.

Relating non-relatable things in the creational tension is inspiration. This space is filled by the conglomerate of elements having various relationships that may seem as colliding meanings, that move in the space between complete identity and absolute difference. The choice of future is operationalised as the chance. Kent Joosep rated it really liked it Sep 21, Here i like the description of the meaningspace characteristics: The sender and the receiver with the same set of memory would understand each other ideally, but the merit of the information transported is minimal and the information itself is constrained.

As usual, Lotman’s erudition is brought to bear on the theory of culture, and the book comprises a host of well-chosen illustrations from history, literature, art and right across the humanities. Continuous intake of align elements to the system makes the movement of the system linear and also unpredictable.


I wonder how it is transformable into the communities of practice. Continuous progress Continuous and explosive processes are antiteses of each other.

Culture and Explosion – Juri Lotman – Google Books

J Lotman and the TartuMoscow School in the s. Not understanding between languages is same valuable as understaning. Walter de Gruyter Amazon. Chapter 7 The world of proper names.

Culture and Explosion

In fact, as Lotman demonstrates with copious examples, the modelling system of culture has an immeasurably strong influence on the way that humans experience “reality”. Lotamn from a model of communication, Lotman extends the work of the renowned Tartu-Moscow school that he founded, showing not only how culture can be observed and described, xeplosion also how it can be governed and guided.

The volume demonstrates, with copious examples, how culture influences the way that humans experience “reality. It has fuzzy borders and ability to be involved int the explosion processes. Hardcoverpages. It potentially involves the possibility to all the future paths.