Following pdf manuals are available: Liebherr ICBN Premium BioFresh NoFrost User Manual. Liebherr ICBN Fridge Photo, Characteristics > Find great deals for Liebherr Premium ICBN Refrigerator. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Liebherr ICBN 3056 Fridge

KS GS Capillary refrigerator: BioFresh air sensor switch-off value and freezer compartment air sensor switch-off value VCC compressor, ivbn. The following displays indicate malfunction. Comfort GlassLine shelves made of satin finished safety glass with steel railings and plastic surround. Note u After switch-on, first the freezer compartment is cooled and after some time the liebjerr compartment.

The inner liner is designed to make shelf adjustment easy. Furthermore, it can be switched off at any time, as required. Refrigerator and BioFresh compartment and freezer compartment are switched on. The GlassLine door shelves icnn a satin-finished safety glass base, elegantly shaped plastic edging, stainless steel trims, as well as bottle and jar storage with adjustable holders for extra safety.

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If the room in which the appliance is in- stalled is too small, a flammable gas-air mixture may form in the event of a leakage in the refrigeration circuit. All the functions can be simply and conveniently operated at the touch of a finger on the electronic touch panel.


Rear wall evaporator Type of installation: For example, iccbn and vegetables can be stored separately or foods could be arranged liebehrr to their use by date. Note u Please note that protein-rich food deteriorates faster, i.

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Venti- late the area well. It is easy and convenient to use. Here, the individuality, needs and requirements of the customer take centre stage.

Danger of food poisoning: During start-up the temperature display flashes until switch-off value has been reached, the audible alarm is deactivated. If not, contact the customer service. The two pull-out freezer drawers are mounted on high-quality telescopic rails and can be effortlessly extended to provide a perfect view and ideal storage conditions.

The Vinidor range The Vinidor range combines the advantages of wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in one appliance.

Liebherr Premium ICBN 3056 Refrigerator

There is the danger of malfunction. Household appliances Commercial appliances. The high-quality stainless steel trims are the perfect complement. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

This SoftSystem ensures that the door closes gently even when fully loaded. Accurate and independent temperature control of the refrigerator compartment and freezer compartment of combined fridge-freezers is achieved through DuoCooling with two completely separate cooling circuits.


Liebherr ICBN Fridge Photo, Characteristics

Operation switches to the mode wanted, demo mode or normal mode, as soon as “SuperFrost” has been actuated. The digital display accurately indicates the temperature 30556 the nearest degree and all functions can easily be selected and adjusted using the touchscreen interface.

LED technology means that the light housing is compactly incorporated into the compartment liner. VarioSpace allows for practical storage solutions for all types of larger produce. Series 6 electronic control system Components: For large unit doors: The product was successfully added.

Speed reduction on next start-up. This saves valuable energy.

This amount varies according to the model and climate rat- ing. VCC Solenoid valverefrigeration liebhfrr The pull-out fridge compartment is mounted on telescopic rails with soft stop. Refrigerator and BioFresh compartment: When the door is closed, the SoftSystem integrated in the door damps the movement and ensures particularly soft closing even when the door interior is fully loaded.

C u Press the Up setting button, freezer compartment Fig. On BioFresh appliances, the HolidayMode regulates the refrigerator compartment temperature to approx.