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Liber Mechanika – Iron Kingdoms d20 – Noble Knight Games

Suits are adorned with custom paint jobs and given names which their operators usually use as an alias in battle. Wayne marked it as to-read Apr 03, Preview — Liber Mechanika by Iron Kingdoms. Darius’ steam armor was one of the first things that drew me to the setting, Really? I like the Landmate design a lot more than mchanika standard Man-O-War-ish ones.

A “minus” sign indicates the opposite. Wow, I’ve seen some conversions that make his steam armour look cool, but unmodified I’ve always thought it looked kind of dumb although the art is better than the model by a long shot.

Those are the same thing as the Landmates from Appleseed mecahnika mentioned; Appleseed and Ghost in the Shell are set in the same universe with Appleseed being set further into the timeline.

I was also thinking of this idea but was leaning twords a more high-tech setup with multiple storm chambers. If excessively worn, they will be marked as “card worn. Want to Read saving….

Benjamin added it Jul 30, I purchased all the old books and still find them mechanikka be a wealth of useful information and ideas. I’m hoping that Steam Armor will be in Book 2, since it seems the most plausible place for it to appear.


This type of armor can pretty easily be represented already with mechanikal plate mail, an arcantrik turbine, and whatever runes you feel like plus you’ll have at least three points to power a weapon via conduit.

Liber Mechanika (Iron Kingdoms)

May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc. Steam armor isn’t what I would think of as terribly common among other kingdoms- most of the things a suit of steam armor can do can easily be replicated by a light steamjack, and these are much more common in Cygnar and Ord, where the Fraternal Order and other arcane institutions make cortexes more available.

A quick guesstimate based on the lines of fluff that talk about what lead to their creation and their role in warfare, the ratio of Man O Wars to Warjacks in the Khador army is a bit lower than the ratio of light warjacks to heavies in the Cygnar army. Jeremy rated it liked it Jan 04, RPG – Fantasy – d Inside you will find: That’s not to say they should be common outside of active Khador military.

Size-wise these “Iosan Landmates” are between a Light Myrmydon and an Heavy one so they could be considered either similar to a particularly Extra-Armoured and Strenght-Enhanced “Griffon” or a strangely lean and thin “Phoenix” ; there were never been built or even sketched as blueprints some kind of “Wearable Pilot Mechas” who are strong and large as an Hyperyon Colossal The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded.

Darius’ steam armour is what did it?!? Steam Armors are the testbeds for some of the most ingenious and outlandish new technologies in the Iron Kingdoms, and each custom suit is as unique as its operator.

Samantha Ryan rated it really liked it Jul 15, Then I’ll turn ,echanika into Warcaster armor. How common exactly are steam powered suits in the Iron Kingdoms?


Liber Mechanika by Iron Kingdoms

Never was much of a fan for the curvy bulky move like a ninja on steroids anime suits. Flynn “Wild Hunt” Gowan is a fiery-tempered and stubborn young warcaster and arcane mechanik, well known for his distinctive heavy steam armor which is decked in symbols of the Devourer Wurm.

Maria Ballesteros marked it as to-read Jan 28, Within awaits a series of wonders ready to be revealed to the inquiring and inventive The Liber Mechanika is your handbook to the arcane art of mechanikal artifice and steam-follery in the Iron Kingdoms or any d20 campaign world. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This is a result of the early days of the Iron Kingdoms when Khador lacked the ability to make cortexes themselves, and so had to stretch their limited resources. In recent times, Ironheads have gathered to form their own companies under mercenary charters, usually for a specific cause.

Robert Blank rated it it was ok Sep 23, Darius’ steam armor was one of the first things that drew me to the setting, and I’ve always wanted to make an ironhead character: Hugh Melrose rated it really liked it Mar 21, Mountainfrost added it Feb 12, Yastobaal added it Sep 08, It’s like the difference between how steamjacks and myrmidons move around, except that myrmidons use ambient magical energy to power their mechanikal movement systems, rather than an arcane turbine.

As Lanz said, only Khador has dedicated military units of steam-armored troops.