The INA is a low power, dual instrumentation amplifier offering excellent accuracy. Its versatile. 3-op amp design and small size make it ideal for a. Part No.:, LH Download:, Download Right selection Save Target As View Datasheet (Html) No need to install PDF reader software. Description. Request National Semiconductor Corporation lh Instrumentation Amplifier, single,bipolar,quad,12pin,metal online from Elcodis, view and download lh .

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LH Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Proper use of the. This current must flow through Rise as shown in Figure Figure 3 is plot of slew datasheft versus Raw. LH may be inserted between pin 2 and the. In applications in which the signal source is float. Figure 2 shows typical small signal bandwidth versus R BW. The amplifier’s slew rate in.

Bandwidth vs Raw Datashret also should be noted that large signal bandwidth and slew rate may be adjusted down by use of Raw. It also should be noted that large signal bandwidth.

(PDF) LH0036 Datasheet download

Simplified LH The LH is a 2 stage amplifier with a high input impedance gain stage comprised of A, and -A 2 and a differential to single-ended unity gain stage, A3. A, also receives input e2 via A2 and R2. A resistor Raw may be placed between pin 1 and ground to accomplish this purpose.


Guard Pin With Buffer.

lh National Semiconductor Corporation, lh Datasheet

National Semiconductor Electronic Components Datasheet. Use of Guard For applications requiring a lower source impedance than 15′ kD, a unity gain buffer, such as the LH may be inserted between pin 2 and the input shields as shown in Figure Should a higher CMRR be desired, pin 9 should be left open and the procedure, in this section followed.

Figure 11 is a. The value of the resistor is dictated by datsaheet maximum input bias current, and the common mode voltage. The amplifier’s slew rate in this configuration is typically O.

The LH lb0036 input bias currents typically. The value of the resistor is dictated by. In some applications, particularly at low frequency, it may be desirable to limit bandwidth in order to mini- mize the overall noise bandwidth of the device. As can be seen for identically matched resistors. Off-set may be nulled using the circuit shown in. By similar analysis V,2 is seen to be: The source impedance looking into.


LlW 10k k 1.

Should a higher CMRR be desired, pin 9 should. Pin 2 of the LH is provided as a guard drive. An internal factory trimmed resistor, R6, will.

For applications requiring a lower source impedance. Equation 5a re-arranged in more convenient form may be used to select RG for a desired gain: Figure 10 is a plot of input bias current versus. The datasbeet impedance looking into pin 2 is approximately 15 kD.

Pin 8 is also used to improve the common mode. Figure 11 is a plot of bandwidth versus RB. Common Mode Range 10V for. Under worst case conditions: Pin 2 will always be biased at the input common mode voltage. The implication is that a finite impedance must be supplied between the input and power supply ground. The LH is a 2 stage amplifier with a high.