With the enthusiastic support of his ragged soldiers and sailors and the island natives, Creeg established himself as the first monarch of the Kingdom of Ierendi. The Kingdom of Ierendi comprises of ten islands, each with a specific attraction This Gazetteer includes information on each island in the Kingdom, complete. The Kingdom of Ierendi (Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteer GAZ4) [Anne Gray McCready, Ken Rolston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Table of Contents The Kingdom of Ierendi. You can edit this page to create it.

The Kingdom of Ierendi comprises of kinggdom islands, each with a specific attraction for the adventure-seeking visitor.

It also has a decent and useful map of the City of Ierendi, with insets showing some of the port defenses.


Fantasy Worlds Issue 1 – Aug Il Regno di Ierendi. After a series of really strong entries in the series, we come to a weaker one.

Plus, there are all those pirates down there. Ierendi also ierenddi a famous naval academy which draws skilled warriors from all over the Known World. I’ve certainly used that. But most of all, have fun.

Aloysius Island, plagued by the mau-mau, a type of disease-carrying mosquito, serves as a penal colony. Again that isn’t bad- just different. Posted by Lowell Francis at 9: Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. There are ten main islands, of which the largest is Ierendi Island, which boasts Ierendi City, capital of the kingdom.

Kingdom of Ierendi, Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Please select a support frequency. The Principalities of Glantri. Instead of the focused setting building of the previous three entries, Ierendi presents classic adventures and story seeds. Add tags Tags separate by space: Dragon Issue – Apr This page does not exist. The islands are home to a large number of pirates, though in recent years the government has ierfndi to drive them away.

Age of Ravens: Kingdom of Ierendi: RPG Items I Like

But Ierendi always seemed a bit… odd to me. Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. I supported because… “this community is the very best!


Fantasy Worlds Issue 3 – Dec This is intended for use with the sheets of counters included with the supplement.

The Kingdom of Ierendi

Pirates’ hideaways, disease-ridden jungles, psychotic natives: Learn More I supported because… “this community is the very best! News of the Gazetteers range. Make it yours, again and again. This Gazetteer iefendi information on each island in the Kingdom, complete maps of the area, adventures keyed to specific locations as well as some more general onesand for the DM a new method of playing out sea battles, complete with ship counters.

I mean, picking their King and Queen through a tournament?

Role-playing Reviews Dragon Issue – Apr Tags separate by space: