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Spartanha rast migi, tamame ejtema Sparta dore jang micharkhid. Baraye ghodrat donya kstab hamle kardand. This could be a clear manifestation that up to this point, it had not occurred to Sardar Sepah to even think about becoming king himself,” p. At this point, while taking leave, the commander-in-chief fell at the Shah’s feet expressing his absolute loyalty to his sovereign and promised to protect the country until His Majesty’s return.

Agar adamhayi hastan to in donya ke bad az in film nazarashon dar morde Iraniha avaz shodan, khodeshonam biaghlan.

The move was clearly unconstitutional. Ba satrapi ham as har eyalat tax migereftan, va sarbazhaye khodeshonam estefade nemikardan joz javidan o keatb chanta regimant, sarbazhashan aksaran az eyalatha va keshvarhaye dige miyavordan.

Bayad be mozuhaye mohem. This site uses cookies. He said he was representing ” a new and liberal regime tarijhi which [his] people expected the regeneration of the country, a regeneration that had been hampered until now by unfavorable influences. He could loose the position of primeminister Are you serious that you know Mohamad????

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Afghanistan, Afghani free Persian / farsi / dari Books كتاب هاي مجاني دري / فارسي

His ideas were based on the concept of Sufism and kind of idealistic. If you want to be taken seriously, learn to spell, and read! Mohammad Hassan Mirza were on better terms with Reza Khan. Ta akhar haye farse khashayar shah vazeshon aslan khob nabod. Being presented with the offer by his former courtier, Soltan Ahmad Shah replies: I am a persian and i am proud of it.

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Makki states that Soltan Ahmad Shah, upon hearing of this offer from Ambassador Sepahbody, answered “Please offer my thanks. This was not a pleasure trip but intended in to show “the effects of financial and cultural advancement The Spartans were the worst of the Greeks. Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar in his interesting article “Persia’s honor: For a religion that claims all life is sacred.

Simply extend our gratitude for the offer, and say that we did not accept. You are commenting using your WordPress. Duncan September 7, at Na tanha ba Irania va Arabia mokhalefe, ba siahah va Chiniha va harki ke sefide Amrikayi hastham ye jor nefrin dare. Plutarch was a moral historian, whilst Herodotus tried to be an objective historian.

gibb, hamilton: eslam: baresie tarikhi | Ketab Corp گيب، هميلتن : اسلام: بررسی تاریخی | شرکت کتاب

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The establishment of new tarihki and new ideas in international relations with the formation of the League of Nations. You can see much of their achievements in Baghdad. Brian August 22, at 3: Oh please go read some geographic books first then talk about Iran and its history.


Especially during the time when he reigns on his own without a prime minister.

This expression of sincerity and affection to the Shah by the public was intended for Sardar Sepah to understand that they loved democracy and a Constitutional monarch,” p. Valjean July 3, at How a Persian sees and interprets things in his physical or mental vicinity.

Bayad negah konim, in farhange Irane emroz chiye? Posted on March 12, kwtab Comments. November 17, at 1: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Spartans were Fascists, 300 is a LIE!

HistoryNavigator August 17, at 2: What a load of bollocks from that last guy! The bible gospels were supposed to have been written between AD. That is unheard of sick and heart trembling scum.