The Karezza Method, by J. William Lloyd [], at Dear Hopefully Hard,. Hopefully it won’t be hard for you to learn Karezza, a lovemaking technique of “gentle intercourse” in which affection. What sets karezza apart from traditional religious teachings such of tantra yoga is that karezza method applies equally to both partners in the relationship.

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If you decide to try Karezza, be sure to take things slow and maintain good communication with your partner. Thoughtfully written and based on actual experience, it brims with practical information.

Coitus reservatus

Relaxing, bonding behaviors used in Karezza signal safety and closeness. Kaezza is a slight difference between karezza and coitus reservatus. After all is over, wipe all away, carefully, with a convenient cloth, and be very careful that no drops can reach her entrance.

Let her help you by doing the same and murmuring to you, “I love you! He died in But keep the spiritual on top, dominant – loving is the first thing, and at-one-ment in the highest fruition of your souls, your real end. The emphasis of Karezza is not passion but love. If so, it has remained far more secret and “esoteric” than in any of the other great spiritual traditions of the world, so much so that its existence is highly doubtful At the end of an hour, not sooner, all discharges having long since passed and dried up, if you can again feel potent it will be safe to renew the attempt.

Mmethod Von Urban, M. But above all think of your spiritual love.

The Karezza Method | Reuniting

Why is it even there? Why do people remove hair down there? Karezza can be difficult for those who have never tried it. Both the man and the woman, and perhaps especially the woman, must resolve that they do not wish the orgasm – that there is a greater spiritual and physical unity and emotional bliss to be obtained without it, besides the mfthod of safety. Pour out your soul to her in extravagance of out-gushing, poetic love.


Watts in Nature, Man and Woman notes: But this is anticipation and a description of the perfect thing. This state of mind is connected with metthod achieved beneficial effects by tantric restraint and transformation.

You can allow her to methof as active as she pleases, or to have the orgasm herself, if she greatly desires it, with no danger to your equilibrium. According to Lloyd, a major goal of Karezza is to maintain a strong sexual energy and stave off sexual tension or diminishing sexual desires. She herself does not wish you to stop or to fail.

How Does Karezza Work?

According to Stockham, it takes from two weeks to a month for the body to recover from ejaculation It takes a lot of practice to perfect so it can become tedious. Do exactly as at first and so continue till you do succeed.

Reassure and help each other. It is right here, after one or two failures, that most men give up and declare the whole thing impossible. Whoso would succeed with Karezza must begin with the mental and spiritual values. Be tender; be tender, for this is Holiness itself – the seal of God on the woman’s person. Concentrate yourselves entirely on your love and joy and the blending of yourselves into one.

Buckea friend of the American poet Walt Whitman. The Oneida Communityfounded in the 19th century by John Humphrey Noyesexperimented with coitus reservatus which was then called male continence in a religiously Christian communalist environment.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat If while you are penetrating you feel the orgasm irresistibly approaching, withdraw entirely, lift yourself a little higher up and have the emission against her body, while you are pressed close to her ksrezza and consoling love.

How to perform Karezza. When having sex, you should not only consider your needs but the needs of your partner. Alice Stockham was taken to court and forced to give up teaching the practice of Karezza in the United States.

How Does Karezza Work? Alice Stockham coined the term karezzaderived from the Italian word “carezza” meaning “caress”, to describe coitus reservatus, but the idea was already in practice at the Oneida Community.


According to Karezza practitioners like Lloyd, doing so will prolong your sexual experience and increase your connection or magnetism closeness with your sexual partner. Biologically driven sex, where orgasm is the end goal, is often stressful and far from relaxing. You can take the most unusual positions and change places with your partner.

Now let her put her arms around you and sweetly kiss you, but with heart-love, not yet passion. If she suffers pain, caress her with your hands, pity her, and be tender and very sympathetic, but reassure her and go on.

Karezza Method by J. William Lloyd, Free ebook | Global Grey

Finally the stress subsides and you can continue. Swinburne Clymer engages in sexual practices for the sake of race regeneration. Kqrezza for her to hold the thought “I will help ,ethod If she is a true woman she will never reproach you, but will be all patience, sympathy, loyally working with you to attain the perfect result.

You will both regard it as an awkward and interrupting accident. Remember to be patient and be sure to communicate with your partner while trying this and any other sexual practice. Sexual intercourse as Noyes defines it is the insertion of the penis into the vagina; ejaculation is not a requirement for sexual intercourse. As your hands caress her, tell her how beautiful her features are to you – her brow, her hair, her lips, her throat – her arms, hands, bosom, waist, the flowing rounded lines of her limbs.

Like coitus interruptuscoitus reservatus is not a reliable form of preventing a sexually transmitted diseaseas the penis leaks pre-ejaculate prior to ejaculation, which may contain all of the same infectious viral particles and bacteria as the actual semen.

Let her be utterly karezzaa physically, kqrezza her. When you have fully acquired the power you will go on from strength to strength.