Chapter 1. Introduction. There are lots of programming tasks that deal with generating reports in the tabular format. Usually such documents. The information presented in this tutorial is intended as a brief overview as to how JExcelApi may be used to read and write data in Excel format. The tutorial is . jxl package provide APIs to read and write excel sheets. I am going to explain how to use jxl package for xls files processing in this tutorial.

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Excel and Java – Read and Write Excel with Java – Tutorial

JExcel Forum If you want to hexcelapi topics related to JExcel, please visit a specialized forum on the TeamDev integrated customer support and troubleshooting center at: How do you use JExcelApi in an Android project? This is no good in a mobile environment so some jexeclapi research yielded this fix. Such result is predictable because each cell reading operation produces several COM interface related Java objects, which allocate some physical memory and will not be immediately removed from memory after interface call.

But when I call: Number ; import jxl. Tutorizl this method, you can insert the data from a Java array into the worksheet: In this case the workbook will not be saved and the workbook event listeners will not obtain a notification about the beforeSave event. Jexcleapi interface resides in the com. Before a workbook is closed. To display a workbook in static mode, call the JWorkbook.

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To obtain the current font alignment, call the Font. LineStyle class, such as LineStyle. Listening to Worksheet Events The WorksheetEventListener interface allows you to obtain notifications about worksheet events.

This class resides in the com.

JExcel API – Reading and Writing Excel file in Java

Saving a Workbook A workbook can be saved in any format supported by the current version of Excel. Border Customization To customize a range or cell border, you need to specify the kind of border to work with.

The Cell class has the setValue method which takes a value of any of the mentioned types. Multiple JWorkbook instances Setting New Values 6.

JExcel API – Reading and Writing Excel file in Java –

So an application jexxcelapi uses compound range references may work incorrectly if Excel has another separator settings. Using this library, you can work jexcelwpi workbook files, print a workbook, worksheet or even a specific range of cells, and modify cell values, cell number formats, etc. There are several other supported fonts and sizes available to explore. Working with Workbook Windows Every Excel workbook is displayed in a separate window.

JExcel provides the ApplicationEventListener interface for obtaining notifications about application events. The answer to your question may already be there: To know whether the cell is named, call the Cell.


The possible values are TextOrientation.

The WorkbookEventAdapter class implements the WorkbookListener interface and contains empty method bodies. Handling Workbook Events 5. If the cell value cannot be converted to the date format, null is returned. Each cell or sheet is mapped as an object in Java.

Listening to Workbook Events 5. For instance, a double value can be represented as an integer or as a date. Usually such documents should be designed for reviewing by people who are not closely familiar with different technologies and prefer to jexcelai reports in a usual format.

Excel allows you to set up various kinds of background patterns.

Displaying a Workbook in Static Mode A workbook can be displayed in static read-only or normal mode. To make the application visible, the Application. Referencing Cells JExcel allows you to reference cells by coordinates, address or name. To work with window states, JExcel provides the Window. This makes it possible to create a compound range using a chain of method calls: The handler can forbid the event processing by returning false. To save a newly created workbook or to save a workbook to another file or format, call the Workbook.

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