James Blish was a popular science fiction writer and critic who began his literary career while still in his mid-teens. Not yet out of high school. City Fathers by James Blish: A set of computer systems which run every mechanical system in a city. Cities in Flight deals with long-term space travel. Cities in Flight is an omnibus, first published in , that collects together four novels by James Blish. Those novels themselves were.

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The problem is citiea he is The series of four books is nowadays published as an omnibus in a single volume that spans some two thousand years of Human and Galactic history.

I can’t believe that just eradicating disease would stop aging, and the scientists said as much in the first book! I’ve searched for the criteria and a list of people who might vote on such a distinction, but I cannot find anything. The continuation from Part 1 is somewhat weak. Pages to import images to Wikidata. On the advice of scientist Dr. Chris Gorman rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Views Read Edit View history.

Jan 29, Joe Santoro rated it it was ok Shelves: Today’s science fiction involves too many impossibilities. I first bliah these books longer ago that I usually admit to being alive. It doesn’t help that some of this exposition is just terribly wrongtoo, and sometimes unnecessary. Just about everything important that happened seemed to happen somewhere else and we only learned about via conversations between characters.

From tohe worked for the Tobacco Institute. During the vast bulk of the book, we follow the city of New York, as it flgiht from one adventure to the next. LFTS is set fifty years later than the first story. All the books are now in a single collected volume which has the advantage of reading them in order as apposed to when they become available in the library.


This is a very clunky novel. It’s rather unfortunate, but I find this substantially undermines my enjoyment of the stories.

See 1 question about Earthman, Come Homeā€¦. Fligjt sure it had nerdy kids of the time wishing their city could float off among the stars.

Earthman, Come Home

If you don’t have enough basic? After the war he became the science editor for the Pfizer pharmaceutical company. For now it was all too much and I didn’t enjoy the 3rd story, so I’ll skip the 4th and vlight back to it in a few months.

I suspect this book was originally written for a YA audience. It may as well have been a story about a small spaceship with a crew of 8 and a computer. In total, Blish wrote 11 volumes of short stories adapted from episodes of the s TV series, as well as an original novel, Spock Must Die!

Others around Amalfi function as a flgiht crew, and the flying city goes nlish place to place having adventures. The second part was actually my favourite of the lot. This coupled with me negative feelings towards the other Blish that I’ve read has lead me to believe that he may not be an citifs for me. It was just a bit blah. Interpretation was not one of its functions. Chris is forced to leave behind his family and the only life he has ever known, and make whatever life he can for himself on Scranton.

Second book of the series and it is really taking off forgive the pun. Normally, this flighr would get four stars fr It is easy to see how James Blish was selected to write the Star Trek novelizations of the original series. He is credited with coining the term gas giant, in the story “Solar Plexus” as it appeared in the anthology Beyond Human Ken, edited by Judith Merril.


A Life for the Stars (Cities in Flight, #2) by James Blish

The propulsion unit can go faster than light. It is simpler, admittedly, and less complex than the first novel, but this also makes the book more accessible and less didactic. And I should warn you that there’s no sex it hadn’t quite been invented yetand only minimal characterization.

Definitely a period piece due to profound, pervasive sexism. His battle to realize his dream results in two momentous discoveries– anti-gravity and the secret of immortality.

A Life for the Stars

If I run across another of these books I will read it. I re-read it ever year or so for a while until I no longer owned the book. Blish was married to the literary agent Virginia Kidd from to Or, at least, in my experience, it seems like an un-engaging way to do things, not that I can’t appreciate how difficult it is to tell a concise story in a truly foreign civilization without such things.

That aside, this is a book that seems lfight short for what it wants to do. Nomadic cities, roving the galaxy, working odd jobs to su If They Shall Have Stars set the scientific stage for the Cities in Flight series, A Life for the Stars sets the political landscape in which the flying cities of the title exist in at this point. Cities in Flight 4 books. I was suprised that so little of the technology is out-of-date vacuum tubes excepted that it jaames as fresh now as it did before.

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