Dec 31, Operating and service manual for the HPA Synthesizer/Function Generator. Complete with schematics. Who I HEWLETT mllnM PACKARD OPERATING AND SERVICE MANUAL MODEL A SYNTHESIZER/FUNCTION GENERATOR Serial Numbers: AH. HP / Hewlett Packard / Agilent Used A Synthesizer/Function Generator, Refurbished – Used Test Equipment at Test Equipment Depot.

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Used for a signal common, as well as providing protection against electrical shock in case of a fault. TB Test instrument parameters Amplitude accuracy with offset attenuation mnual 1 into 50 load Attenuator accuracy these errors are additive with the amplitude accuracy errors Amplitude output Amplitude option high voltage output Dc offset Dc offset option Dc plus ac Not verified below 50 Hz. Neither light on, indicates the front panel signal output kanual active. For example, using the A in local, the operator can determine experimentally the parameters required to perform the operation or test desired.

The instructions outlined in paragraphs 6 and 7 are yp to the calibration process. Message Definition Message Definition Data The actual information binary status Byte A byte that represents thB status bytes which is sent from a of a single device, One bit indi- talker to one or more listener’s.

Earlier versions of this instrument, however, differ in design and appearance from those currently being produced. The oscilloscope amnual should show a sine wave four divisions peak-to-peak, one cycle per division. Identification of the two types of mounting studs and lockscrews Is made by their color.

HP 3325A Manuals

Change A function to positive slope ramp and repeat Step f. The incorrect entry will not be manuwl. Adjust Offset In A3R33 for a voltmeter reading of 0. You can help improve this publication.


The cooling fan intake and the exhaust vent are located in the rear panel.

B-l Section Page IV. Sweep manuql or linear, single or continuous without the phase discontinuities usually associated with synthesizers. The above range of instruments contain the U8 gating circuitry shown in Figure Somerville, NJ Intersil Inc. Remove the filter and wash thoroughly with soapy water, rinse elcan, and air dry. The error decreases as sweep lime is increased. Change CRO main sweep to. Connect the oscillator output between the center contact of A3J23 and ground.

Valid mnemonics parameter to be interrogated: Philadelphia, PA Littelfuse Inc. If the shipping container is damaged or the cushioning material shows signs of stress, notify the carrier as well as the Hewlett-Packard office. Set the A to the following frequencies and verify that all harmonics are below the specified levels, relative to the fundamental. Power Line Voltage Selection Each entry parameter car.

HP A User Manual | 23 pages | Also for: B

This checks the output with no attenuation. All necessary functions are programmable on the HP-IB, including frequency, amplitude, all functions, phase and dc offset, modulation, all sweep parameters, amplitude cal and self-test, making the HP A a very versatile and powerful addition to automatic test systems. Adjust the spectrum analyzer as follows: Forms, records, and reports The characteristics of the two manuzl are: Press the high voltage output key to deactivate the high voltage output.

Sine Hhp Amplitude Calibration.

Enables all service request conditions. Mnemonic, EOS Valid mnemonics: Amnual reset portion should show more than one line, as in Figure As the modified digit passes 9 incrementing or 0 decrementing the digit to its left will increment or decrement.


Set the A to the following frequencies and verify If the system cable is 335a long, the lines cannot be driven properly and the system will fail to perform. Change A function to negative slope ramp. Change A amplitude to 1. This action requires the controller to first enter the command mode to set up the talker and listener s for the transfer of data.

The instrument is equipped with a three-conductor ac power cable. The frequency parameter is stored in the A when the delimiter key is pressed. Change A function to triangle frequency will go to 10 kHz.

Maximum and minimum amplitudes for each function are shown in Table Attenuator Service Group L Rise time should be less than 20 nanoseconds.

Wrap the instrument in heavy paper or plastic. This bit can be monitored by the controller to determine when the A is ready for more data. Multimeter will indicate between 4.

If your oscilloscope does not have a ohm input, use a ohm load -hp- Model C ohm feedthru termination at the input.

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Otherwise, the front handle kit is available separately by its -hp- part number. Connect A signal output to the voltage divider of Figure A. In either single or continuous log sweep mode, the stop frequency must be higher than the start frequency, and sweep is up only.