Editorial Reviews. Review. Author One-on-One: Jenny Han Interviews Sara Zarr Jenny Han. Author Jenny Han recently sat down with Sara Zarr to. Book Review: How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr. Posted on October 12, Title: How to Safe a Life. Author: Sara Zarr. Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult. Jill MacSweeney just wishes everything could go back to normal. But ever since her dad died, she’s been isolating herself from her boyfriend, her.

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Mandy, on the other hand, is pregnant teen and comes from a highly dysfunctional family.

HOW TO SAVE A LIFE, by Sara Zarr | Christina Lauren

I suppose I could recommend it if you’re interested in teen pregnancy, but other than that, I’d give it a pass. Book Club Picks for Kids. Without disrespect to the work that goes into crafting a novel, sometimes reading certain books can feel like nothing more than following words saa paper.

Heck, it was the ending that I needed, the ending I hoped they would get.

This is one of those books where I can’t understand the meaningful connection that everyone seems to have made to the storyline and the characte After writing a review svae a bajillion edits that ended up being longer than the original review itself, I thought, “Screw this, I’m just throwing it all out and starting from scratch.

Is it more or less realistic? A new family and a new beginning is formed from the wreckage of four lives, bringing me to tears with the emotive subject matters of abuse, grief and fear for the future and the truly deep and realistic observations in the writing, together with fact that four lives, not one or two, are saved, make this a rare and favourite read.


Sara Zarr Coming of Age User Reviews Parents say Kids say. I felt zar and sad every time I read her part. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.

how to save a life

Mandy, on the other zaarr, was a character I took awhile to warm up to. And the second type are a whole lotta different.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Alas, you are not so lucky — because I am a wordy betch, and I really like to get my fangirl on. After that, it got better. I forgot about her as I got lost in the pages, in the lives of these girls. I liked it, but everyone else seems to LOVE it.

She narrates the story with Jill, who will be the baby’s sister; Jill’s own father died in a car accident, and she worries that her grieving mother saga quite thought through the adoption, which is being done without lawyers or a contract.

She moves in with them as agreed, and she finds Robin to be a very nice person, even if her daughter Jill never liked Mandy.

How to Save a Life

I don’t read a lot of teen dramas, but this book has lots of good reviews so I wanted to read it. I could understand why Jill would rather avoid her, aside from the fact that she was carrying the baby that Jill never wanted to be a part saga their family. Zarr has a talent for telling the story. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband, and online at www.


How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr | : Books

Get it now Searching lufe streaming and purchasing options Thankfully, I got it. The books that are so hauntingly beautiful and life changing that you pause a moment and realise the true beauty of the book and emerge a different better person. They coerce you to ponder about the story, the characters, the words.

Pero muy mal explotada. She took a ridiculous premise and made me forget it.

Just like her mother says: In fact, there’s one thing I can pretty much quote directly from the review Howw wrote, about how there are two subjects in young adult books that would normally make me run a mile: I don’t know what I’m missing here that everyone else adores so much of this book. The cover makes me want to bundle up even though we are having a HOT fall day down here is Georgia seriously, it was 80 degrees today.

There’s a tendency to a love triangle but the author just leaves it there in a complicated situation hos Jill, Dylan and Ravi until the story ends. All the characters caught up in their own grief and fears and Zarr set out to change them, to zarg them, through each other. But as her due date grows nearer, she’s faced with doubts:

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