Marvel Heroscape Rulebook Marvel Official Rules and FAQ’s. Play one of 8 select Heroscape Marvel games or create your own game! again, this is Heroscape, so the rules are straightforward and easy to learn or teach. Heroscape Marvel was a Heroscape franchise release using the hex terrain, rules and game mechanics of the original Heroscape franchise but is set.

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I was just herscape to verify that I read the rules correctly. The cons — I would have really liked to see jeroscape expansions, more characters maybe play out some big time comic battles and what not.

However, we quickly realized one important factor. Right now I’m assuming they just act as regular tiles and maarvel only colored a bit differently?

This is great when playing with my son. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Not reinventing the wheel here, just simple game play. CA – Burbank Posts: Want to play several short games, Knock yourself out! Reviews 5 Game Tips 4 Discussion One thing of note: Marvel Master Set 1: It had a thriving online community of hungry fans, eager to see the next sneak peak offered at Gencon, or some other con.


A planned expansion was previewed at conventions, but never made it to stores.

Heroscape Marvel

Hopefully they are dorky enough to play with me. Herocape can draft a army worth pts. C3G can be played with official Heroscape, but it’s not recommended.

There marvell only 10 figures though, just start with a couple and he’ll do fine, and slowly rues more with each playthrough. Thanks Wytefang and netherspirit for the work getting that up. Is this the correct way to play the basic rules, I know the “master rules” use the order markers? When we purchased Heroscape Marvel and added to our Heroscape world we were very excited to add this new dimension to the game.

IL – Chicago burbs Posts: Sometimes too much so. Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica. Secondly they are very durable.

See the participation guidelines for more details on this. I will probably add the wound counters and order markers next time, or maybe after one more Basic game. Hedoscape in or sign up in seconds. Best of the Vault!

Last edited by IAmBatman; October 24th, at The game is awesome because it offers not only multiple campaigns, difficulty levels and set ups, but also allows for a free style of play. It offers a great combination of fun tactical gameplay, excellent quality miniatures, and easy-to-learn mechanics that provide varying degrees of difficulty.


Sony PlayStation 2 PS2.

This is actually the set that initially sparked my interest in Heroscape and ultimately opened my eyes to the wider world of hobby boardgaming. Find all posts by IAmBatman. A great touch is that each hero comes with a corresponding villain to encourage some great archenemy matchups.

Marvel Heroscape Rulebook – Heroscapers

The master set was a steal when it came out, more so with sale prices that were easy to find. Well, the Marvel rulebook should put to rest all the squabbling about if Heroscaape is compatible with regular Heroscape. Ironically, I think the game is better than ever today. No one cares how bad you herosscape burn someone.

If we were all a little honest to ourselves we would admit gaming is a little dorky.

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