Haematoxylum brasiletto is a tree that grows in Central America, .. Antimicrobial compounds isolated from Haematoxylon brasiletto. Antimicrobial compounds isolated from Haematoxylon brasiletto. Rivero-Cruz JF( 1). Author information: (1)Departamento de Farmacia. The extract of Haematoxylon brasiletto was the only one that effectively inhibited bacterial growth. The effects of ethanolic extracts of this plant on growth.

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Haematoxylum brasiletto Fluted trunk Scientific classification Kingdom: Rapid colorimetric assay for cellular growth and survival: Plant material The heartwood of H.

Not expected on a hillshide I find them mostly on flat areas. Chromatographic analyses were performed on 5. Support Center Support Center.

Most common introduced plants not native Banana Solanum sisymbriifolium, the litchi tomato, Bibliography Citrus fruits Onion.

Brazilin, antibacterial substance from Haematoxylum brasiletto.

Research and Conservation in Southern Sonora, Mexico

brasilrtto Antiproliferative activity, flavonoids, Haematoxylum brasiletto. Much to my surprise, Palo de Campeche, tinto, is a flavoring edible. In vitro antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of plants of the ethnopharmacopeia from Northwest of Mexico. And many areas have Ceiba aesculifolia a relative of Ceiba pentandra.


During several months the Palo de Brasil trees along the Carretera al Atlantico were in full flower.

Should you spell it BraZil or BraSil? As mentioned above, this is also a habitat favored by Ceiba aesculifolia. This is the national tree of Brazil. Journal List Pharmacogn Mag v.

All plant materials were air-dried in the shade at room temperature. Location of Haematoxylum brasiletto. Although Ceiba pentandra also grows along the highway through the same Rio Motagua desert area, Ceiba pentandra is more common in the significantly more moist Costa Sur, Alta Verapaz, Izabal, and El Peten. The chemical structure of an isolated compound was elucidated with different chemical and spectroscopic methods. H7 to HeLa cells. The broad-spectrum chemotherapeutic agent, doxorubicin, was included as a positive control and for comparison purposes as haemaotxylon can induce apoptosis for intercalation hhaematoxylon DNA and disruption of topoisomerase-II DNA repair.

This raises the question of to what degree is Haematoxylonn de Brasil also a potential source of a flavoring. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

Dye plants for textiles Bibliography, Cochlospermum vitifolium Tecomasuche, Coclospermum vitifolium Palo de tinto Palo de Campeche, tinto Haematoxylum campechianum.


J Am Pharm Assoc. The highway from Guatemala City towards Puerto Barrios haematoxyylon goes through groves of literally thousands of Haematoxylum brasiletto trees, from km ish through kmand even some Palo de Brazil up to the Manzanal area.

Flowers native to Guatemala visible now around the world Dahlia. MeOH, produced 11 major fractions 3A-3K. Haematoxylum brasiletto flowers for several months. Fourier-transform infrared FT-IR spectra were taken on a Bruker Tensor 27 spectrometer with photodiode detector using KBr pellets method for sample preparation.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Haematoxylon brasiletto — The Plant List

It is ironic that I never saw Palo de Campeche in Campeche! Spices, condiments, food coloring Achiote, Bixa orellana Allspice, Pimenta dioica Auritum, hoja santa. Isolation of bioactive metabolites of Haematoxylum brasiletto Column chromatography CC was performed using silica gel 60 70— mesh, Sigma.