With Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff intended to “destroy, mercilessly the beliefs and views about everything existing in the world. Beelzebub’s Tales To. His Grandson. G.I. Gurdjieff. ALL AND EVERYTHING. Ten Books in Three Series. FIRST SERIES: Three books under the title of β€œAn. Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson has ratings and 77 reviews. The teaching of G. I. Gurdjieff () has come to be recognized as one of the mos.

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He describes every facet of human life and even details the odd beliefs held by specific cultures.

The shopkeeper replied that a pound of the “fruit” would cost two cents. The name later appears as the name of a demon or devil, often interchanged with Beelzebulwhile the name Hassein has the same linguistic root with Husayn Arabic: I know only that these circumstances bid me write not just anything “so-so,” as, for instance, something of the kind for reading oneself to sleep, but weighty gurdjietf bulky tomes.

Awesome book would recommend but it is too long. All and Everything 3 books. Actually, the whole matter of interpreting the series is left relatively open, and perhaps that is necessary. Even though the book is filled with ideas already from the first pages, it contains a fictional story that gurejieff what the author wants to address.

But if I set out to use judiciously this automatically acquired automatism which has become easy from long practice, then I should have to write either in Russian or in Armenian, because the circumstances of my life during the last two or three decades have been such that I have had for intercourse with others to use, and consequently to have more practice in just these two languages and to acquire an automatism in respect to them.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson by G.I. Gurdjieff

But the agitation which arose in grandsob system from realizing my negligence in obeying the commandment of Mullah Nassr Eddin, not only now seriously troubles me, but a very strange process, which began in both grandsonn my recently discovered “souls” and which assumed the form of an unusual itching immediately I understood this, began progressively to increase until it now evokes and produces an almost intolerable pain in the region a little below the right half of my already, without this, overexercised “solar plexus.

Convinced of this, he set out to put what he had learned into something that would be more understandable, comprehensible and easier to grasp for the people in the rest of the world, which were not as versed in this kind of knowledge. I personally am very pleased with the arising of this curiosity even though only in your “false” consciousness, as I already know from experience that this impulse unworthy of man can sometimes even pass from this consciousness into one’s nature and become a worthy impulse β€” the impulse grandsob the desire for knowledge, which, in its turn, assists the burdjieff perception and even the closer understanding of the bis of any object on which, as beelzebkbs sometimes happens, the attention of a contemporary man might be concentrated, and therefore I am even willing, with pleasure, to satisfy this curiosity which has arisen in you at the present moment.


And so, I have already composed in my head the plan and sequence of the intended expositions, but what form they will take on paper, I, speaking frankly, myself do not as yet know with takes consciousness, but with my subconsciousness I already definitely feel that on the whole it will take the form of something which will be, so to say, “hot,” gurdnieff will have an effect on the entirety of every reader such as the red pepper pods had on the poor Transcaucasian Kurd.

My cunning lies simply in the logical supposition that if I show him this attention he infallibly β€” as I already cannot doubt any more β€” has to show himself grateful and help me by all means in his command in my intended writings.

He also undertook the task to investigate all the philosophical meanderings that commonly becomes revealed when someone assumes the responsibility to answer questions dealing with our existence on Earth. Nov 13, Jesse rated it liked it. Hassein listens to his grandfather’s stories patiently, and with admiration. Al ver opiniones de los lectores acerca del libro, algunas lo califican como un gran libro, mientras que otras lo califican como un libro incomprensible y sin sentido.

To tell the truth, it is not this which is now chiefly worrying me, but granddon fact that at the end of this reading I also constated gurdjiff in the sum total of everything expounded in this chapter, the whole of my entirety in which the aforesaid “I” plays a very small part, manifested itself quite contrary to one of the fundamental commandments of that All-Common Teacher whom I particularly esteem, Mullah Nassr Eddin, and which he formulated in the words: The reason for complicating so far the plot of this book is to increase the effort and the attention required from the reader to understand this book.

It’s so many things, including a way of being. Beelzebub’s Tales is a massive bis epic which is equivalent to de Toqueville’s Democracy in America in scope gurdjiefff practice. The formulation in words of this new “all-universal principle of living” is as follows:.

All and Everything

Copyright by G. But our Kurd replied: This many-yeared existence, unsuited to him, together with the perceptions unusual for his nature and the experiences not proper to his essence involved in it, had not failed to leave on his common presence a perceptible mark.

Gornahoor Harharkh is a scientist on the planet Saturn who specializes in elucidating the particularities of Okidanokh, as well as he was Beelzebub’s essence friend. Unfortunately, the consequences remained, and they still do.

All joking even philosophical joking aside, you, it seems, thanks to all these deviations, have transgressed one of the chief principles elaborated in you and put in the basis of a system planned previously for introducing your dreams into life by means of such a new profession, which principle consists in this, always to remember and take into account the fact of the weakening of the functioning of the mentation of the contemporary reader and not to fatigue him with the perception of numerous ideas over a short time.

Specific words can likewise be found by using our search feature below. You understand the book in a way beyond the sometimes awkward science-fiction fantasy adventure. The reason of my joy is not egoism but only the coincidence which chances to be happy for me.


Sometimes, repetition is exhausting, but the manuscript itself teaches how we must pass through a situation for the ‘cristalization of being-mentation’.

If you make it to the end, he probably would have welcomed you as a student of the Fourth Way. After realizing from the various public readings of his texts that those people who were not familiar with his form of mentation and expression would not be able to understand anything, he decided to completely rewrite everything. Any chapter can be accessed quickly by using the index links.

You heard, didn’t you? I read the book and I enjoyed it. In the first layer, yes.

Having said this with a smile, Beelzebub became silent; a little later he made a very strange gesture with his left hand, and with an intonation not proper to his own voice, he continued:. Gurdjieff even creates a mini-lexicon to describe concepts both old and new to prevent the reader from processing the text thoughtlessly. To judge this work I need to first read all three parts, I also plan to read first part for a second I have only read book one of this work, out of three, book one is the only having been translated into Greek.

We developed qualities such as conceit, self-pity and falsity. In all probability you are now thinking that I am, of course, a young man with an auspicious exterior and, as some express it, a ‘suspicious interior,’ and that, as a novice in writing, I am evidently intentionally being eccentric in the hope of becoming famous and thereby rich.

The three books Beelzebub’s tales to his grandson, Meetings with remarkable men, and Life is only real then, when I am, are all very comprehensive and not what one would refer to as easily digested. This is a man who sold sparrows, painted yellow, as American Canaries, after all. It is majestic in scale and content, challengingly inventive in prose style, and, for those very reasons, often approached with apprehension.

But the effort is certainly worth it, as it’s one of the most incredible, unique and thought-provoking books I’ve ever read.

Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

Page numbers refer to the reprint of the version. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

This revised Third Chapter of Dr. Since we know of no existing large type version of the Tales in print, what we provide here will allow you to adjust the font size on any PC or Mac to print out or read. There is more than hope. Gurdjieff warned us talrs his introduction not to expect the kind of literature to which we are generally accustomed.

Only do not forget one thing, namely, at your age it is indispensably necessary that every day, at sunrise, while watching the reflection of its splendor, you bring about a contact between your consciousness and the various unconscious parts of your general presence. The page vurdjieff refer to the original edition.