Allodium,Interesting. There are three possibilities.1) It is not needed and can be omitted.2) It is needed and there is a mistake on the circuit. i’m sorryi dont underestand english goodi try speak to you1. can i use instrumentation Amp Amplifier Instead Of UA 2. the piezo is not work3. does any one made complete goldscan IV PI metal detector?is it stable?what about the depth?what about the operating frequency?what about.

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I finally got smart and ground balance over a hot rock. New low noise parts replaced older parts such as op-amp, capacitors etc. Considering this original design is between 10 and 20 years old, one and only wonder what this PI would have evolved into if it had continued. Thanks for the info! Both boxes are sealed against ingress of water and sand or dust but must not be submerged. The auto circuit wants to “tune into” the gold.

The design has been changed both mechanically and electronically to embody the latest technology in both areas. So far the Minelab units are the standard to beat. The shaft consists of a lightweight anodised aluminium armsaver assembly which is adjustable in length by yoldscan of a locking telescopic collar.

Pulse Technology Goldscan 4

The battery pack can be replaced easily by the user. Be assured that myself and others are working to that end. We’re looking for dealer sponsor. The headphones plug into a jack socket on the battery box and a unique sensing circuit cuts out the speaker in the main electronics when the plug is inserted.


Is there a ground tracker circuit schematic available somewhere that can be utilised on the goldscan IV design??

Salt water does not affect performance so the Ground CANcelling facility is not required. Unwittingly opened the door for Minelab.

I had removed the probe and its coil wire, there was a net reduction in weight, the battery pack is only 6. Getting back to the original GS, one really doesn’t realize how close the original Goldscan was to becoming one super gold hunting PI. May 28, However I did get a gold nugget that was made in to a gold ear ring several years ago.

He removed high voltage hum from existing audio. I always run my GP Extreme and Infinium in “fixed” mode anyway.

Eric, The minute you build a ground balancing version of the Goldquest I will buy one It about as light as your typical Tesoro. To Have Salesperson Contact me. Shaft mounted electronics plus 11″ search loop 3. The GOLDSCAN is designed to be both powerful and versatile in use giving efficient detection in widely different situations both on the beach and inland.

I would like to have your help to make my prototype and If you need boldscan thing goldsvan contact me. To Order in Australia. The printed circuit boards are computer designed to give maximum reliability and miniaturisation.

Technology Forum

Only the best high specification components are used and the circuits are subjected to three stages of testing plus a burn in period to ensure the performance is stabilised and is consistent between detectors.


Hi Eric, I want one to but in a waterproof case. Ones with my Minelab SD, I was hunting an area with a lot of small hot rocks that sounds like faint deep targets. Please put it in a waterproof case. Eric is truly a rare person in this respect.


The search loops are available in two sizes: Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Cheers Tony Reply Quote. For further assistance Contact: This forum is powered by Phorum.

This is sufficient for the detector to be ogldscan on the ground while the user is standing upright and digging with a full size spade As the phones plug into the battery box these do not have to be removed while digging. The cells are charged in situ by plugging the charger output jack into the headphone socket. One can truly appreciate Eric’s intellect when they fully examine on a technical level, this PI and the features it had.

REG GoldScan Model 4 1/2

Personally, a manual ground balance is just fine by me. I would ground balance to the hot rocks. Just the addition of the autotune plus updating the preamp and a few other tricks can make the original GS quite a machine even by today’s standards. May 22, Hope the GS5 is a big hit!!! Before moving to Hawaii, Glldscan hunted for gold nuggets in California and Nevada.