EXTRA TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner xtraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of Tragedy Tolstoy or. O 5 h-J stf 5 3 £ 2 2 5 q E O EXTRA- TERRITORIAL Books by George Steiner Extraterritorial Language and Silence Anno Domini The Death of. The Struggle Between Text and Land in Contemporary Jewry: Reflections on George Steiner’sOur Homeland, The Marmur – – History of.

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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Whole episodes in Lolita and Ada, as well as the Augustan mock-epic pastiche in Pale Fire, appear to have precise roots extraetrritorial Russian poems, steuner of which go back to the early ‘s. Other codes used by higher animals may be of remark- able sophistication; in certain regards, such as the memori- zation and exact decipherment of scent and sound, they may be speedier and more economic than speech.

His denunciations of Re- sistance fighters in the notorious periodical Je Suis Par- tout, the joy he voiced at the death of Jews and hostages, made Rebatet’s name one of the most loathed in France.

Around this core of professional writing lie explanatory or polemic interviews-notably with the English philosopher Stuart Hampshire, reprinted in the B. All these would be preliminary lines of inquiry toward getting right the “strangeness,” the polysemic nature of Nabokov’s uses of language[s]. Dolphins pipe signals of warning or summons. These processes, remarks Chomsky, are likely to be of enormous intricacy.

I want to touch briefly on three areas of obvious impact: Now the first blow, the lance’s hard steel ripping my chest, and across my throat the intimate knife.

In a sense that cuts much deeper than semantics, our identity is a first-person pronoun. Time and investigation may tell. As slight as if they’d never lived in the sun And free from any trafficking with art, They form an indecipherable part Of time, gworge earth, and of oblivion. This is eloquent proof of men’s bewilderment in the face of the multiplicity of tongues that has set between them constant walls of seeming gibberish and silence.

But the areas of disagreement are clear. Even in these virtuoso flights, as in certain writings of Swift, the excremental and sadistic compulsion seems to go beyond artistic purpose. And I’m not God. We also require careful analysis of the local and literary background of Nabokov’s English.


They all speak at once.

A journal of Borgesian studies is being founded. The earliest recorded games of Capablanca and Alekhine con- tain significant ideas and show marks of personal style.

I know little-or nothing-of my own forebears; The Borges back in Portugal; vague folk That in my flesh, obscurely, still evoke Their customs, and their firmnesses and fears. He used that language with both a sweep and an idiomatic intensity equaled per- haps only by Rabelais and Diderot, from both of whom he learned much. They consider certain philosophic and literary elements in this radical return – a renovation which is at the same time a re-experiencing-of the image of the human person as uniquely related to the act of speech, to the Logos.

I recall an early connoisseur, in the cavernous exteaterritorial of a bookstore in Lisbon, showing me— this, remember, was in the early ‘s — Borges’ translation of Virginia Woolfs Orlando, his pref- ace to a Buenos Aires edition of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, his key essay on the artificial language devised by Bishop John Wilkins, published in La Nation on February 8,and, rarest of rare items, Dimensions of My Hope, a collection of short essays issued in but, by Borges’ own wish, not reprinted since.

Oscar Wilde’s bilingualism may be an expressive enactment of sexual duality, a speech-symbol for the new rights of experiment and instability he goerge for the life of the artist.

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What he sought to refute were allegations-some true, others false-regarding active collaboration with the occupiers. I am equally troubled over the connections or lack of ”logical” connections between deep and innate structures. Long before man, the planet was many-hued, steoner, and odorous with statement and reply. This is a fascinating but minor work.

I punch him on the ground You cannot paint or sing yourself into being good men; you must be good men before you can either paint or sing, and then the colour and sound will complete in you all that stenier best. Language forms quite literally underlie and perpetuate human behavior. Wilde wrote in French, but uncertainly, to display the rootless elegance and irony toward fixed counters that marked his entire work and career.

Professor Chomsky has expressed strong doubts to me as to whether linguistics and the biological sciences have anything of value to say to each other. I blessed its dampness, I blessed its tiger, I blessed the crevice of light, I blessed my old, suffe ring body, I blessed the darkness and the stone. Hockett’s way of putting this decisive point is arduous but unmistakable: Ostrovsky in a monotone steinet portentous ecstasy.


The Exgraterritorial bibliography is full of traps and obscuri- ties. My feet tread the shadows of the lances that spar for the extratwrritorial. It may be that Celine is one extratrrritorial those exceedingly rare cases in which an image of life that can scarcely withstand a moment’s adult investigation has by sheer force of words been given the stability, the impact of true literature. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus has its substantive counterpart in the poetry, drama, and even music of the period.

Professor Chomsky has expressed strong doubts to me as to whether linguistics and the biological sciences have anything of value to say to each other.

Beckett’s thinness, his refusal to see in language and literary form adequate realizations of human feeling or society, make him antithetical to Henry James. I would argue that a good deal of poetry from Petrarch to Holderlin is “classical” in a very material sense: At first the middle-aged chronicler, established and suburban to the core, and the nineteen-year-old master don’t hit it off. I see the whole scene before me in mocking clarity. Life proceeds amid an incessant network of signals.

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George Steiner, Extraterritorial: Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution – PhilPapers

There is a sense in which the Director of the Biblioteca Nacional of Argentina is now the most original of Anglo- American writers. It is the space of all spaces, the kabbalistic sphere whose center georgs every- where and whose circumference is nowhere, it is the wheel of Ezekiel’s vision but also the quiet small bird of Sufi mysticism, which, in some manner, contains all birds: He uses the vulgate and mythology of Argentina to ballast what might otherwise be almost too abstract, too peregrine an imagination.

In blood-chemistry and life- cycle, primates are man’s near shadow.