Edith’s memoir Taken Care Of is more connectedly written than English Eccentrics, and very sad indeed. Rejected by her parents (“I was. “Eccentricity exists particularly in the English”, June 8, This review is from: English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird (Paperback) A variable collection of. Poet, biographer and celebrated eccentric Sitwell’s gallery of historical English outliers: “Eccentricity is not, as dull people would have us believe, a form of.

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She cites eccentrica sources and gives the reader every chance to make up their own minds as to the tales’ veracity. You are commenting using your Twitter account. In old age, Dame Edith grew fat from drink and misery.

She came to believe that her face made her the most hated woman in England.

Like the curate’s egg – good in parts but quite a lot of dross in between! Such a singular philosophy bound these disparate lives! Englisn detail just one example is to pluck a single blossom from an orchard of blooms, but I think a word must be said about Squire Mytton, the sporting squire who exhausted his fortune and his life by a reckless disregard for almost everything except gentility.

The English Eccentrics

How could you possibly not like a book with a chapter entitled “Ornamental Hermits? When a passenger unwisely remarked that he had never been upset in a gig, the squire turned on him in outrage: Some of them set up for themselves, and merged into another class of oddities, the Misers, and I remember one of these when I was a boy—or rather his house, for he was already dead.

This indigestible yet exasperatingly fascinating tome which may I say is ideally suited for intellectual bathroom readingleft me with a certain curiosity about the mind that compiled, or concocted, it all.

Stevenage, and his barred and boarded windows seemed to extend endlessly as the pony trotted past. Dec 28, Karen-Leigh rated it liked it Shelves: Her book on Elizabeth 1 and Mary Q of Scots is very good indeed. As a young man he was soon drinking eight bottles of port a day, and graduated over time to almost as many of brandy.


Evoked by Miss Sitwell they rise from the dust, but not quite in human semblance—they would be too ugly if they were, and cases for the magistrate. As a young women, when her parents were embroiled in bankruptcies and scandals, she left the family home to live in near poverty in a small flat in London with her old governess.

Account Options Sign in. In conclusion then, interesting in parts. There are local vents, through which disperse the peccant humours elsewhere infecting the body politic.

The English Eccentrics » 19 May » The Spectator Archive

Julie on Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne…. This wondrous conveyance was shaped as a scallop shell, painted a deep blue, luxuriously upholstered, and drawn by two superb white horses. Open Preview See a Problem? Giada Rose rated it liked it Jun 03, Jane Austen was her natural refuge and solace from a life spent plowing through eight hundred page manuscripts about robots, dragons, dwarves, Mafiosi, and bombs. Roland rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Benson Jul, 05 The former include such individuals as the ‘amphibious’ lord Rokeby ; the ‘not entirely pleasing’ Celestina Collins, who shared her bed with thirty fowls; Squire Mytton, who frightened his hiccups away by setting his nightshirt on fire Avis Black rated it really liked it Feb 29, A true eccentric writing about eccentrics as only the British have them.

Trivia About The English Eccen Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Edith Sitwell and the English Eccentrics – The Dabbler

Thomas Rands with rnglish cure for the Pimple-Pamplins, Dr. Subscribe to this site’s feed via FeedBurner or click here for an email subscription.

I was entertained by the account of Mr Coates, a Shakespearean actor who never quite cut the mustard: I, for one, was enchanted by her descriptions of, for example, the amphibious Lord Rokeby, the Ornamental Hermits, the dandy Romeo Coates, the rascally William Huntington “the coal-heaver Preacher”, the intrep No mere catalog of eccentricity The inimitable Edith Sitwell, in her jewelled prose, weaves together the threads of assorted strange personages, and the effect is hypnotic.


There was no getting around the nose: English Eccentrics a Gallery of Weird Paperback A variable collection of characters, from the true eccentrics to All stories need to be taken with a grain of salt, as Sitwell states that she prefers a good story to a true one, and presents the collected anecdotes as just that — anecdotes, not necessarily facts.

Book Fox vulpes libris: He rode as hard and fast as he edih and took terrible falls from his eccetrics, and all manner of spills in the vehicles they drew. Virginia Woolf described her as ecccentrics an ivory elephant: She’s skeptical enough where necessary, but the point of this book isn’t skepticism, it’s conveying a set of tales that might otherwise have been lost.

I have long admired the Foxes and am really thrilled to have a piece here! Are eenglish birds, flapping and squawking in the dust?

Neither have I, Worm – though, if you’re interested, the very short Published October 1st by Pallas Athene first published Jul 31, Kay rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Not in the grand annual displays at Chelsea, where the fashionable world turns out. On page 93 we read: I like the idea of taking poetry into everyday places with a personal touch.

Keep working through that mountain of TBR! Let me end by quoting at random—at genuine not literary random.

Bieiris rated it liked it Mar 30, In the eighteenth century a fashion developed among members of the eccentriccs class to acquire ornamental hermits for their parks.

He appeared before his audience dressed in a spangled cloak of sky-blue silk, crimson pantaloons, and white hat trimmed with feathers and adorned with diamonds, which also sparkled on his knees and shoe buckles. Not the easiest one to start reading your TBR stack s edirh definitely a very good one — and a classic.