My very first RPG experience ever was a Chaosium game (Elric) and then built from Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying System in the early s. “Elric lifted the huge blade easily and turned it this way and that, admiring its Chaosium’s 1st Edition Stormbringer, through to Mongoose Publishing’s Elric of. Below is the collected list of existing Stormbringer, ELRIC! and Elric of Melnibone supplements. It hoped that this list can be expanded as additional information.

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But these games are now out-of-print! The Atlas of the Young Kingdoms: It captures the spirit of the books, but to play it properly you really need to be familiar with the novels, and they are of the type of fantasy that you either love or loathe. The game uses a version of the Basic Roleplaying system originally developed for Chaosium’s RuneQuest fantasy RPG, but has different rules for magic and other setting-specific elements.

Each of these adventures explores places scattered across the world of the Young Kingdoms, revealing marvelous, elrif, and treacherous locales such as the Floating Realm, a sargasso sea of ruined ships; the Link Machine, an engine of law which slowly mutates the winged Myrrhyn race; and a Chaos Storm, carrying the chaos pack of Queen Xiombarg, which hastens the appearance of the Infinite Cathedral of Gormweller the God Seller.

Complete details of the Young Kingdoms at the time of Elric are ellric, along with creatures, characters and 7 chaozium roleplaying chaoskum, including two solos. The fact that characters do not gain levels but instead increase their various skill and ablities by practicing them is a BIG step towards working realism in RPGs.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Into the thick of the fray he strides, heroic companions at his side. Here, contained, is the last great strife of Elric in a world of barbaric forces, decadent powers, and champions of Doom.

An Epic Campaign Across chaodium Multiverse. You can do what you learn how to do.

Elric is a fascinating challenge for one to four players. They must meet and master every foe imaginable, but the rewards elirc well-worthwhile for the few lucky survivors.

The Chaosium Buy at Amazon Elric: There are also many new illustrations and statistics, several new spells, and other source materials. The adventurers will travel the world over: Eldritch beasts terrorize the innocent. Scenarios in Elric take you from the foundations of the Golden Empire through the later struggles between a waning Imrryr with its imitation-rival Pan Tang.

The gamemaster is provided with extensive information on the governments, cultures, and environments of the eric lands which Freyda must visit while following Elric’s trail, including Nadsokor, Org, and Karlaak of the Jade Towers.

Tigers walk among men and feed when they please.

Now, with the inexorable passage of time, Melnibone’s grasp is the soft touch of the forgetful elder. The Plain of Glass divides the island, a shining chaosoum of ancient volcanic catastrophe. Few see the undercurrents, the dirty deals, and the politics which threaten to rip apart the apparent serenity of the island.

Stormbringer Chaosium

His object is revenge. The cover is in Very Fine condition with minor wear to the surface and edges with a slightly frayed cor Uses a much-evolved and modified version of Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing rules set.


He had no loyalties then, no friends, and if evil possessed him, then it was a pure brilliant evil, untainted by human drivings. The adventures in this book tell the tale of Freyda’s quest for vengeance against Elric and of Freyda’s final battle with the White Wolf.

Stormbringer Stormbringer 4th edition box cover, There has been vast amounts of quality material created for these great games over the past four decades — the first edition of Stormbringer hit the shelf way back in — and this site is a chance to bring all of this history together in one location.

Stormbringer 1st Edition Fair. High soared the dragons until below them was the heaving black mass, marring the landscape, the fear-driven horde of barbarians who, in their ignorance, had sought to conquer the lands beloved of Elric of Melnibone.

Catalogue – Stormbringer!

Site Update October 4, Will he chasium the bright empire back to its former glory, or send it to its extinction? Her fingers wound through the planes of the multiverse a hundred times. The Throne of Dominion stands vacant. Inside the set is complete and in lightly used condition. However, control of Elric is delicate, at best.

Thus, if you know one game, it is pretty easy to pick up another.