E5CK Process Controller All OMRON products are capitalized in this manual. The following tables show the correspondence between the E5CK display. Board in addition to the E5CK-AA Process Controller. For E5AK or . Manual output, heating/cooling control, SP limiter, loop burnout alarm, SP ramp, MV. off on Disables A Auto / Manual key. 3. MANUAL manu. SET MV FOR MANUAL OPERATION. – – %. *1 Set output % manually (open loop control).

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Level 0 Pauses program execution. If there appears to be nothing wrong after checking the E5CK controller, and the same phenomenon continues, check the controller in more detail, for example, on the error display. Page The Netherlands Tel: If the communications function is required, add on the communications unit. Setting Output Specifications 3.

Page To change the parameter setting during local operation, change the setting Function on the E5CK T controller. Level 0 Pauses program execution.

About The Communications Function 1. Read this chapter while referring to the parameter descriptions in chapter 5. However, note that [ ] may not be displayed on the menu display manal, for example, the user is calibrating the E5CK controller for the first time.

Page 68 Parameters Symbol Parameter Name: These functions are assigned to control outputs 1 and 2, and auxiliary output 1. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 2 3 Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual.

LBA Loop Break Alarm is manusl function for judging that an error has occurred somewhere on the control loop and outputting an alarm when the process value does not change with the manipulated variable at a maximum or minimum state. Ensure sufficient space around the controller to allow heat radiation. This character must be inserted before the lead- ing byte.

  IEC 61131-4 PDF

To change the manipulated variable, use keys. Scaling lower limit Decimal point This parameter can be used only when voltage input or current input is selected as the input type.

Input error Error 2: This parameter can be used when thermocouple or platinum resistance thermometer is selected as the input type. F Action Check the communications conditions.


If you press the [ ] key when the No. Inoperable or Invalid Functions Use this chapter as a reference guide. Unit mm 60 min. Page Current 0 to 20 mA Operation is fixed at scaling lower limit value. Page 6 F If you remove the controller from its case, never touch nor apply shock to the electronic parts inside.

Function Setting Range Unit Default 0 to e5cl Chapters Table Of Contents Level 0 Mode Pattern No. Setting Alarm value 1 Conditions of Use Alarms must be assigned as outputs. E5CK controller are matching, and are within the permissible ranges. In heating and cooling control, P at the cooling side is calculated by the following for- mula: These parame ters include parameters for limiting the manipulated variable, parameters for switching between remote and local operation, and parameters for setting the LBA Loop Break Alarmalarm hysteresis, and input digital filter values.

F Operation at Both control output functions and alarm output functions operate. If the E5CK T controller is not operating properly, first check whether op erating conditions violate the restrictions in this table. How To Use Transfer Output 4. Function Setting Range Unit Default 0.


However, note that the settings of protected parameters are still valid, and are not displayed regardless of the conditions of use. Conventions Used in This Manual JMeanings manul Abbreviations Sometimes the following abbreviations are used in parameter names, figures and in text ex planations.

Minute, second Setting 5— To print the manual completely, please, download it. If the communications conditions of the host computer and E5CK T controller match, then a probable cause is a problem in the communications circuit of one or both of the host com puter and E5CK T controller.

About This Manual 2 No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. Voltage 1 to 5 V Page 8.

Omron E5CK User Manual

The E5CK controller maual calibrated before shipment from the factory. How To Use Option Functions 4. Page Level 2 Mode Input shift upper limit Conditions of Use The input type must be set to temperature input thermocouple or platinum resis- Input shift lower limit tance thermometer.

The following six output functions can be assigned as outputs: JWiring F Power supply 11 12 13 14 About the power 11 So, the user need not calibrate the E5CK controller during regular use. Calibration ] is displayed.