Hogfather has ratings and reviews. Nataliya said: This is a book about the nature of belief; the reminder that things we think of as essenti. Nowadays, the Hogfather is expected to travel in a sleigh pulled by hogs of most of the Discworld except for the Counterweight continent and. Meanwhile, the Auditors of Reality pay the Assassins Guild a huge fee to assassinate the Hogfather (the equivalent to Father Christmas).

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Also, Pratchett touches on wealth distribution somewhat in Hogfather because the Santa Claus-like character is giving out free presents but those presents have to come from somewhere. In the tower, they rescue Bottler and discover that their enemies have been using the children’s teeth to control the children into not believing in the Hogfather.

Discworld characters Supernatural entities. The only difference in the Hogfather in that time seems to have been that he did not bring presents, but sausages and black puddings if you were lucky. Dec 27, The Auditors hogfatheg decided that they need to “remove” the Hog Father But that one’s not very.

Wyrd Sisters TV Movie Susan hofgather them one after another. When the Hogfather was attacked, Death, like an expert mechanic hearing a change in the sound of an engine, had heard a harmonic change in the music of the universe. He saw that some people needed something to believe in to give them hope and he was alright with that. They just wished they didn’t. It’s going to eat me up. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Hogfather (Discworld, #20; Death, #4) by Terry Pratchett

But she’d found that they could, very firmly, also believe in the poker. This book is hilarious. Maximum Power XL You need to do the physical games every day and it is vital which you actually additionally do the physical games accurately or you may land up hurting your self. Medium Dave Stephen Marcus Have you been naughty Knowing that the Hogfather is also responsible for the sun rising which people have forgotten, Death attempts to maintain belief in the Hogfather by dressing up and fulfilling his role.

If you like this try: It’s a marvelous story, with a deeper meaning beneath the humor of the surface: In short, you can read Pratchett at a surface level and laugh yourself silly. The interactions between Death and his granddaughter Susan are perfect. Terry Pratchett made a cameo as a toymaker. You need to login to do this. Why we need to believe and what those beliefs do for us. It does nothing but live and put forth petals of perfect crimson where none are there to see.

The Hogfather ceased to exist namely because an assassin, Teatime, managed to create an immense amount of disbelief. Add the first question. The particular winter holiday of the story is a Dickensian sort of event in the home where Susan’s working, but the overall effect is part of the general trend of bringing a medieval-Londonish fantasy setting up to the modern day. How else can they become? As they return to the Gaiter’s house, Teatime follows them in and contemplates trying to kill Death.

It’s the night before Hogswatch. Even though I am a Christian, it really annoys me when people try to rewrite history to add credence to their arguments. Susan and Bilious travel to the Tooth Fairy’s realm and discover Mr. And, yet, all the wizards, fairies, gnomes, bogeymen, and ant-driven computing machines cannot take away any of the depths that line the story of how DEATH’s love of humans saves the world from eternal meaninglessness.


No, in his interpretation belief is our attempt to make things make sense.

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So what starts as a pagan tradition gets warped and dicworld through the years and through the generations until somehow it pops out the other end as a fat jolly man who gives presents to small children. Get Known if you don’t have an account. She crouched back, raising her forearm to cover her eyes.

I just about peed my pants with this one! I’ve just upped my score on this one to a full five. If for no other reason, this is worth reading for the scene where Death takes over as a department store Hogfather.

I’m continuously amazed how Pratchett manages to point out diwcworld absurdities of the human condition while still being such a humanist and championing the power of imagination. Terry published Snuff in October Lord Downey Tony Robinson