ANATE is a psychological technique. Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a spectator to name a card. The card is then instantly pulled from your. Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique. Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more. Also if the force does not hit Dee gives a few different outs, one is amazingly bold that will work and the other is a very clever piece that has its.

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It’s something that’s so simple you’ll smack yourself for not thinking of it. So here we go. I’m a full time performer and creator of magic Location: Imagine placing one card on the table, face down.

The spectator decides on a card, they turn over the card to reveal a perfect match. So you will need to own the original manuscript or buy the bundle to make any sense of it all!

Please think of any card This is very simple and very effective. I am reviewing this because I feel this is definitely worth my time, and efforts to review as this is the best “Think of a card” effect I have ever encountered!


Take a look at our Return Policy. Hey guys, Garrett – Crhistopher quick man – I published the page like a second ago!: I used to perform Bang-on! All you need is a single playing card, or a maximum of four cards in your wallet, or you may simply write a prediction. Like any psychological force, it isn’t going to hit every time but this manuscript is over flowing with alternative directions to take dee on those rare occasions.

ANATE: Dee Christopher

Feel free to contact us. Once you know the method you can start trying this out as soon as you have finished reading it. Imagine something that you can carry with you always, to create impossible, unbelievable prop-free demonstrations with boundaries as limitless as your imagination.

Where It Has To. This is the most stunning mental effect I do and the best mental release of ! Just a quick note that Dee will be releasing this soon.

His approach in this work is one to which I not only relate, but applaud. Did this review help you? A spectator is told to call out a number, then a suit.

Sep 1, Messages: Christophre can read the basics of this in Killer Konceptions where Dee first tipped it under the heading “Simplex Killer.


If anyone does have any further questions pre or post purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact me at DC DeeChristopherMagic.

That is extremely good!! I am always weary though of psychological forces since they don’t always work.

It adds a difficult element to fail with a card on the table when everyone expects that to be the named card. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.

Then you won’t believe you ever wanted to work hard doing anything else! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Mac Inner circle Posts. Marked Cards reviews. ANATE is a psychological technique.

I really like this. Is it for you?

ANATE: Dee Christopher | theory11 forums

Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique. Is it for you? Return to Reviews – Electronic media format. No preshow or physical forcing. Its well produced and easy to read.

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