Complications of csom andha Kumar, 1. Subtitle Complications Of CSOM; 2. Define complication with reference to. Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is a common public health problem in India. Though there is decline in the incidence of complications but. PDF | The purpose of this study was to review our patients with complications of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) and compare with.

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Hospital and Research centre, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

CSOM complications, despite its reduced incidence still pose a great challenge in developing countries, as the disease present in the advanced stage leading to difficulty in management and consequently higher morbidity. Open in a separate window.

Osteitic bone all around the sinus. Intracranial group Extracranial group Organism isolated No. The management of otogenic brain abscess.

The decreasing mortality in our institution is largely due to modern antibiotic therapy, early diagnosis based on clinical features, CT scan compkications culture sensitivity and early intervention as and when required. Consequently we found younger patients frequently develop mastoid abscess and post aural fistula than IC complication.

Complications of chronic suppurative otitis media: a retrospective review – Semantic Scholar

Involvement of transverse sinus proximally and internal jugular vein distally creates difficulty in establishing proximal blood flow. Meningoencephalitis as a complication of acute otitis media in a year-old child Zoran DudvarskiNenad A. Treatment in IC group included complciations high dose parenteral antibiotics, IC drainage and treatment of ear lesion.

Citation Statistics complictaions Citations 0 10 20 ’13 ’14 ’15 ’16 ’17 ‘ The common complications in EC group were subperiosteal abscess, labyrinthitis and facial palsy. The subperiosteal abscess was the major co-disease. Diseases of ear, nose and throat. Abstract To determine the incidence of otogenic complications of Chronic suppurative compliactions media CSOM and its management. We observed that two patients fail to regain full facial nerve function despite of surgery. The patients included students and housewives.


Hearing loss assessment showed a conductive hearing loss in 11 cases whereas Sensorineural hearing loss in 28 cases while mixed type hearing loss in 12 cases. Otitic facial cskm palsy was encountered in seven cases and all of them underwent surgery. Overall awareness was poor. It is often associated with brain abscess in our series.

The lumbar puncture was done carefully.

Involvement of transverse sinus proximally and internal jugular vein distally creates difficulty in establishing proximal blood flow Nil.

Otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis in children. Extracranial and intracranial complications of suppurative otitis media. The advent of antibiotics has clearly changed the management of otitis media. Radical mastoidectomy—its place in otitic intracranial complications. The complications of chronic otitis media: Ashwin Ashok Jaiswal, Email: Received Jan 7; Accepted Jan Signs and symptoms IC group no.

Most of the patients belong to rural area and lower socioeconomic status. Topics Discussed in This Paper. Intracranial complications of suppurative otitis media: Self-medication was used in 23 Most of the cases were children with extensive cholesteatoma, prolonged ear discharge while three cases were with post aural fistula.

Published online Feb Otitic meningitis is the most common IC complication [ 56 ].


Complications of chronic suppurative otitis media: a retrospective review

In Thailand, reports from some centres shows decline in prevalence of these complication. Lateral sinus thrombosis in our series had zero mortality as compared to other series [ 36 — 8 ]. Support Center Support Center. Ear Nose Throat J,85; Computed tomography CT scan of Head, Axial view showing a meningeal compkications b hypodense area c hypodense area with cerebral oedema and d sigmoid sinus enhancement.

The other antibiotics used were inj. Though there is decline in the incidence compplications complications but they are still frequent due to poor socio-economic conditions, lack of awareness about health care and availability of trained specialist in rural settings. Otolaryngol Clin North America. A clinical study on complications of chronic suppurative otitis media and level of awareness in patients admitted at tertiary care hospital in central India.

Cholesteatoma and granulation in the middle ear were the major findings in both groups of cases. The mortality in our ov is zero as compared to other series [ 1346 ]. In the IC group only nine cases showed result, out of which six cases were sterile because patients already received IV antibiotics while rest three patients showed growth of Proteus mirabilis on culture. In EC group patient with Facial nerve paresis, surgical intervention at the earliest possible was carried out. Sinus blood flow encountered after removal of clot.