Clinacanthus nutans Lindau is known as snake grass belonging to the Acanthaceae family. This plant has diverse and potential medicinal uses. PDF | Clinacanthus nutans is widely known in traditional medicine in Malaysia and Thailand due to its medicinal properties in treating skin rashes, insect and. Family Name: Acanthaceae. Synonyms: Clinacanthus burmanni. Common Names: Sabah Snake Grass. Chinese Name: 优顿草.

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Clinacanthus Nutans Balm 22g

Use within 3 months after opening. Although this data suggests that CNC may not be a strong anticancer regimen, the antioxidant and cancer inhibitory properties demonstrated in this experiment may still support the use of CNC as an alternate adjunctive therapy for cancer prevention or treatment.

Anti-proliferative effect of chloroform, methanol and aqueous extract of C.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Extracts were serially diluted to A synthetic curcuminoid derivative inhibits nitric oxide and proinflammatory cytokine synthesis. Malaysian Ministry of Health. The antioxidant activity of the C. The role of oxidative stress in carcinogenesis. An equal volume of distilled water without H 2 O 2 served as blank. It is also known by the common names belalai gajah Malayphaya yo ThaiSabah snake grasski tajam Sundaand dandang gendis Jawa.

Chloroform extract possessed the highest scavenging activity with the value of They drew their potential from this heritage of knowledge usually transmetted in Thai Buddihst temples.

The cholophyll derivatives phaeophytins of CN chloroform extracts contained 13 2 -hydroxy- 13 2 – R -phaeophytin b, 13 2 -hydroxy- 13 2 – S -phaeophytin a, and 13 2 -hydroxy- 13 2 – R -phaeophytin and exhibited antiherpes simplex activity [ 14 ], potentially through herpes virus inactivation and inhibition preinfection [ 15 ]. In vitro and in vivo antioxidant activity of aqueous leaves extract of leonotis leonurus L. Clinacanthus nutans Lindau leaves CN have been used in traditional medicine but the therapeutic potential has not been explored for cancer prevention and treatment.


Emerging lay testimonies from cancer patients claimed that the herbs could eliminate the disease, suggesting their potential use for anticancer treatment.

Among Thai contemporary urban society, this approach still has a place. This product is not a medicine. Acanthaceae Plants described in Acanthaceae stubs.

Efficacy of Clinacanthus nutans extracts in patients nuttans herpes infection: Conflict of Interests All authors have no conflict of interests. In addition, Clinacanthus Nutans leaves extracts are adding another soothing effect as follows.

These cancer cells could develop antioxidant defense system with enhanced scavenging capacity and survive intrinsic ROS toxicity through upregulation of survival proteins. In front of disease, the purpose is to consider that the patient seeks to restore the balance by focusing on 3 ways: Rapid colorimetric assay for cellular growth and survival: Fourteen known compounds were identified in chloroform extract, which was analysed by gas chromatography—mass spectra analysis.

Uncontrolled RONS production overwhelming the endogenous antioxidant capacity will result in detrimental damage to cellular protein, lipid, and DNA, leading to genomic instability, and ultimately promotes cancer formation [ 5 — 7 ]. Nowadays, this influence is still being perpetuated in Cher-aim’s products range.

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For external use only on unwounded skin. The scavenging activity of each extract was calculated by using the formula as follows: Applied locally, to ease itches, burns, skin irritations ; diluted in a warm water bowl for a relaxing full body massage or as a cataplasm to heal respiratory congestions or under the nose to decongest sinuses ways ; our Thai balms cover almost all of these annoyances.


Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine. Phyto-constituents identified in the chloroform extract of the leaves of C. Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology. Therefore, the concept of cllinacanthus therapy is introduced to exploit the use of single regimen to exert complex synergistic and antagonistic effects to act on multiple pathophysiological pathways in order to achieve optimal therapeutic outcome.

Simulated gastrointestinal pH condition improves antioxidant properties of wheat and rice flours. Welness heritage from Thailand. Chloroform extract exerted the highest antiproliferative effect on K However, these testimonies were not supported by scientific evidence.

Increased free radicals, the reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species, in cancer cells correlate with the rapid progression to tumour development and promote metastasis, which often results in poor prognosis. All the extracts were dissolved in DMSO at final concentration less than 0.

Sodium nitroprusside SNP spontaneously generated nitric oxide NO by interacting with oxygen in aqueous solution at physiological pH pH 7.

Galvinoxyl Scavenging Activity Galvinoxyl radical scavenging activity of serially extraction of C. Despite all the known biological activities from previous work, emerging lay testimonies and Malaysian newspaper reports suggested that CN possesses antitumor effects and had saved many of various cancers. Thus, interest has been shifted to study traditional herbs as alternate anticancer regimens due to its multitargeted characteristics.

In order to determine the galvinoxyl radical scavenging activity of each extract. Journal of Immunological Methods.

With advances in cancer research, many molecular targeted drugs have been introduced and showed promising outcome with little side effects.