The latest addition to my website is César Aira’s El congreso de literatura (The Literary Conference). This is another totally original story from. César Aira. general Author: César Aira. Genre: Novel Spanish title: El congreso de literatura; Translated by Katherine Silver. – Return to top. El Congreso De Literatura/ the Literature Congress by Cesar Aira, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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César Aira: El congreso de literatura (The Literary Conference)

The Literary Conference – US. Your email address will not be published. Orthofer10 February The narrator is a translator and, on the side, a scientific experimentalistand the novella offers a series of “translations” — a concept he also puts in quotation marks when he refers to it regarding his account. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole.

The moment has come, I believe, literatur do another “translation” of the story I am telling in order to make clear my real intentions. Aira leads down one path, only to radically upset his premises and change route or, arguably, to take things to their logical conclusion — though it’s not a readily recognizable and familiar logic The new-found wealth and dongreso fame bring advantages with them, but it’s just another liiteratura part of this much-“translated” story; so too is the performance of one of his plays at the local airport.


The Literary Conference constantly keeps the reader guessing: Good but very, very strange fun. Worlds rose out of my bottomless perplexity. What’s particularly striking about The Literary Conference is the relatively matter-of-fact tone and straightforward narration.

Because I am a writer, this causes no particular concern. This is another totally original story from Aira, using Hollywood B movie tropes mad scientist, unworldly creatures, advanced technology.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you congresl opt-out if you wish.

El Congreso De Literatura/ the Literature Congress : Cesar Aira :

No idea if this is true. He describes himself as a ‘Mad Scientist’ of sorts, too; and he is a creator-author, with a lot in his mind. The Literary Conference is a mere eighty-five pages long, but Aira packs cohgreso lot into that. It is both great fun and also fesar a serious intent, even if that serious intent is merely to tell a good and unusual story.

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Next Post Next Lawrence Durrell: I can understand why Cesar wanted to clone Carlos Fuentes as part of his plan to rule the world. Because the prose in the English translations of these novels is wonderfully poetic yet lucid, I was particularly interested in hearing how Fuentes spoke English.


El Congreso De Literatura/ the Literature Congress

And, of course, the means to that end is My Great Work is secret, clandestine, and encompasses my life in its aiar, even in its most insignificant folds and those that seem the most banal.

He doesn’t mean conventional translations, from one language to another, of the sort he earns his lieratura with, but rather much more fundamental shifts in narrative and action more akin to Kuhnian paradigm shifts. El congreso de literatura – US. Der Literaturkongress – Deutschland. Accept Reject Read More. Yet the novella is full of the fantastical, inserting the very unusual that Fuentes-cloning experiment goes really, really wrong, for one thing in the very everyday.

El congreso de literatura – César Aira – Google Books

The Literary Conference – India. I would have loved to hear him speak in English or Spanish. Livia or Buried Alive. The complete review ‘s Review:.

His English was stunning, beautiful and very much like the translations from the Cingreso I had read, even in his extemporaneous answers to questions from the audience.