CD Datasheet – 1-Chip FM Electrical Tuner IC, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet. The YD is a bipolar integrated circuit for use in mono portable and pocket radios. It is used when a minimum of peripheral components (of. cd datasheet, cd datasheets, cd pdf, cd price, cd buy, cd stock.

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The AM reception is as per most TRF receivers — not particularly high quality and it seems that this is prone to overload. Having some kit-building experience helps you avoid basic mistakes like this.

The case for this was soon found — the components are datashdet wrapped inside a cellophane bag, eatasheet that sort of material has a tendency to tear when punctured by the sharp component legs — quickly the smaller components work their way out.

CD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Part of the cause datwsheet to be the jack itself being slightly larger than the hole in the rear plastic cover — reaming out the hole slightly using a large Philips head screwdriver seems to do the trick. As mentioned, the instructions were all in Chinese.

Conclusion After enjoying repairing a few AM radio kits, I embarked on a challenge to build a cheap Chinese dual-band radio kit.

Kit Contents Rather unimpressively, each kit comes in a bubble wrap package. Click for more about me! For speaker used twisted pair. Of interest is that the reception mode switch actually switches the audio path to the amplifier. Remove the plastic protective film on the front tuning scale, if desired. The kit itself is not entirely trouble-free, and you do need to be suitably equipped to build it. I suppose it just depends where you are relative to the transmitter, and to some extent, maybe the quality of the chips or construction.


Filtering is achieved with the external components — mainly R-C filters.

cd Datasheet PDF

Preparation We start by first emptying all components into a plastic bowl so dd9088 can be sorted through. In the case of this kit, this specifically includes:.

This post will be a little review of the kit, along with tips and hints especially for English speaking constructors. Maybe one radio station at the most.

(PDF) Cd9088 Datasheet download

The best rule of thumb when assembling circuit boards is to start with the lowest height components and progress to the tallest ones. Then secure this with the other identical machine screw.

A datasbeet bladed screwdriver helps.

The final connection is the FM antenna connection. It is used to drive the headphone jack which disconnects the internal speaker once a headphone plug is plugged in. I must have used the wrong screw for the antenna as it became loose and I ended up replacing it with a self tap of slightly larger size. I also used a digital calipur to measure the position of the Band Trimmer screws, then drilled two small holea in the back cover to save removing the cover each time.


CD9088CB Даташит — Monolithic Power FM radio tuner

Because there were more capacitors, I decided to tackle them first. The plastic casing is light, slightly weak to flexing and has a tendency to cdd9088 at certain frequencies causing a buzzing sound at higher volumes. From here, we can mount the two copper air-coiled inductors. I agree about the SMD Hot air re-flowing. September 8, at 1: Lead the yellow wire to the ANT terminal and tack solder.

Try not to bend the leads too severely, as cracking the other protective coating can have detrimental effects on capacitor stability or performance. After that, actually getting any practical usage out of it would be pretty much a bonus. April 25, at The pleasure is probably only the build, test and hearing something from it or breaking it. The hiss swamps out the signal at low volumes which are comfortable for listening in a quiet room … which is disappointing.

Hot melt glue, or superglue to stick the speaker, datasueet rod antennas into place. Luckily for everyone, the board also has very good silkscreening to judge by the listing. That way you can flip the board over and solder the leaded parts without them sliding down to the table.