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Compared to bipolars, FETs have- a high input impedance b low input impedance c same input impedance d none Answer is: Getting Previous year question papers was never been so easy as we made it.

You can buy a book. Basic memory qkestion of dynamic RAM consists of ” a a flip flop b a transistor acting as a capacitor c a transistor d a capacitance Answer is: You can easily solve all kind of questions by practicing the following exercises.

What changes would be necessary in block C if FM signals are to be received – a Block becomes redundant b A FM detector would be required c A high frequency signal generator 1d An additional local oscillator will be needed Answer is: In an underground cable the distortion in the transmission of carrier frequency can be eliminated by using – a Inductive loading b Resistive loading c Capacitive loading d Shielding Answer is: The primary control on drain current in a JFET is exerted by – a Jtto resistance b Size of depletion regions c Voltage drop across channel d Gate reverse bias Answer is: Complete guide to crack Permutation and Combination.

When Q factor of a circuit is high, then – a power factor of the circuit is high b impedance of the circuit is high c bandwidth is larged none of these Answer is: When biased correctly, a zener diode ” a acts as a fixed resistance b has a constant voltage across it c has a constant current passing through it d never overheats Answer is: Master slave flip-flop is jyo up of ” a two flip flops connected in series b two flip flops connected in parallel c a debouncer circuit d a-D- latch Answer is: A memoryless system is ” a causal b not causal c nothing can be said d none Answer is: Then, the real part and wo are given by?


Intrinsic semiconductors are those which – a Are available locally b Are made of the semiconductor material in its purest from c Have more electrons than holes d Have zero energy gaps Answer is: Pirani gauge is used to measure ” a very low pressures b high pressures c pressures in the region of 1 atm d fluid flow Answer is: The transmission does not have – a Partition noise b Flicker questipn c resistance d Short noise Answer is: The most common modulation system used for telegraphy is- a frequency shift keying b two ” tone modulation c pulse code modulation d single tone modulation Answer is: The time duration for solving the quedtion will be 3 hours.

Learn and practice the placement papers of BSNL and quesyion out how much you score before you appear for your next interview and written test.

For transmission line load matching over a range of frequencies, it is best to use a- a balun b broad band directional coupler c double stub d single stub of adjustable position Answer is: This quetsion be of a huge advantage in the actual exam.

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited board has newly released the recruitment notification to fill various vacancies for Telecom Technical Assistant.

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BSNL Question Papers – BSNL Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec

What is the opposite of Asperity ” a gentility b superiority c kindness d clarity Answer is: Essayist works with words as sculptor with- a water b stone c air d hills Answer is: Pure metals generally have- a high conductivity and low temperature coefficient b high conductivity and large temperature coefficient c low conductivity and zero temperature coefficient d low conductivity and high temperature coefficient Answer is: A superconductor is a- a A material showing perfect conductivity and Meissner effect below a critical temperature b A conductor having zero resistance c A perfect conductor with highest dimagnetic susceptibility d A perfect conductor which becomes resistive when the current density through it exceeds a critical valueAnswer is: Poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple and interlace on the jw axis.

Thermistors are made of – a pure metals b pure insulators c sintered mixtures of metallic oxides d pure semiconductor Answer is: Next chose which one you need and click. The depth of penetration or skin depth for an electromagnetic field of frequency ‘f’ in a conductor of resistivity r and permeability m is- a inversely proportional to r and f and directly proportional to m b directly proportional to r and inversely proportional to f and m c directly proportional to f and inversely proportional to r and m d inversely proportional to r and m and directly proportional to f Answer is: Number of nybbles making one byte is ” a 2 b 4 c 8 d 16 Answer is: The circuit that separates composite video warefore from the sync pulses is- a the keyed AGC amplifar b a clipper c an integrator d a sawtooth current Answer is: Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering.


Signal transmission in sky wave propagation is due to ” a Reforction of wave b Reflection of wave c Pierus through Inosphere d None Answer is: A four quadrant operation requires- a two full converters in series b two full converters connected back to back c two full converters connected in parallel d two semi converters connected back to back Answer is: In a forward voltage Triggering thyristor changes from ” a off state to on state b on state to off state c on state to on state d off state to off state Answer is: An amplifier has a band width of 20 KHz and a midband gain of 50 without feedback.

BSNL JTO Previous Year Question Paper with Answer 2019

So, the competition for the post is also tough. Also you can leave reply bellow of each and every post for make our service batter. Considering the conditions- 1. The poles and zeros of a driving point function of a network are simple and interlace on the negative real axis with a pole closest wih the origin. One of the following statement which is true for relative dielectric constant is – wuth It is dimensionless b It is not equal to unity for vacuum c It’s value for all substances is less than one d None Answer is: You can easily solve all kind of placement test papers by practicing the exercises given below.