Unlike the first English translation in , this edition contains the text corresponding to Brentano’s original edition. First chapter of Brentano’s Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint, setting out the philosophical basis of his work. BRENTANO’S PSYCHOLOGY FROM AN EMPIRICAL STANDPOINT: ITS Abstract. While Brentano’s most important philosophical writings were most certainly.

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Further Investigations Concerning Psychological Method.

This underlines once more the need of a critical edition of Brentano’s entire Nachlasswhich would make it possible for a broader audience to critically assess the development of Brentano’s views in ontology. But anyone who is acquainted with medicine today knows how impossible it would have been for there to have been a single truly great physician prior to the last few decades.

They are not, however, an adequate representation of this reality, and they give us knowledge of it only in a psychologg incomplete sense.

Psychology from an Empirical Standpoint – Wikipedia

A person a is taller than another person bfor example, only if both a and b exist and a is, in standpoiny, taller than b. Languages Eesti Edit links.

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Untersuchungen zur SinnespsychologieLeipzig: These encroachments will be no greater than those which we observe, for example, between physics and chemistry. If someone rejects the existence of a substance, he must assume that such a continuity does not require a substantial bearer.

Brentano’s contributions to philosophy were widely discussed among philosophers and psychologists at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century.

Simons, Peter; Brentano, Franz Who could deny, then, that this constitutes a great advantage of psychology over the natural sciences? At the same time, however, he explicitely defends the claim that psychology is the theoretical science psychilogy which practical disciplines of logic, ethics, and aesthetics are based. Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. During this period, however, Brentano struggled more and more with the official doctrine of the Catholic Church, especially with the dogma of papal brenttano, promulgated at the first Vatican Council in It could be said, and not without some justification, that Aristotle himself suggests this later and pzychology correct delimitation of the boundaries of ab.

After the introduction of the notion of intentionality in his Psychology from an Empirical StandpointBrentano struggled to account for the ontological status of the intentional object.

This view leads to obvious difficulties, the most disastrous of which is that two persons can never be directed towards one and the same object. Views Read Edit View history.


Franz Brentano

The first edition was designated Volume 1, but this was also abandoned in later editions. This exclusion was also extended to phenomena closely associated with sensory life, such as the nervous system and muscles, so that their investigation became the province of the physiologist rather than the psychologist. In his Psychology Brentano held that two presentations can differ only in the object, towards which they are directed. All of the laws of coexistence and succession which these sciences encompass according to others, fall within their domain according to these thinkers, too.

Empirical and Experimental Psychology.

Psychology from An Empirical Standpoint

He says that since several mental phenomena often work concurrently, the question arises whether or not every such case is a case of ah combination of causes in other words, whether or not effects and initial conditions are always related in the same way, as they standopint in the field of mechanics, where a motion is always the result of motion, homogeneous with its causes and in a certain sense the sum of its causes; or whether the mental realm also exhibits cases similar to the process of chemical combination, where you see in water none of the characteristics of hydrogen and oxygen, and in cinnabar none of the characteristics of mercury and sulphur.

Their work was continued by other, more careful editors, but has by far not yet been completed: There are facts which can be demonstrated in the same way in the domain of inner perception or external perception.

Some philosophers have even identified the self with a collection of mental phenomena, others with the substantial bearer of such a collection of standooint. The Inexact Character of its Highest Laws. Even though Brentano worked on problems in metaphysics and ontology throughout his life, he hardly published on these topics during his lifetime. And if, on the one hand, it appears to be the pinnacle of the towering structure of science, on the other hand, it is destined to become the basis of society and of its noblest possessions, and, by this very fast, to become the basis of all scientific endeavour as well.

The mature science would have to abandon the question of immortality, but we could say that, as consolation, the zealous efforts which stemmed from a desire for psychologj impossible have led to the solution of other questions whose far-reaching significance cannot be called into question.

One can remember another mental act one had a psycholoogy earlier, or expect future mental acts, but due to the unity frmo consciousness one cannot have two mental acts, one of which being directed towards the other, at the same time. The preceding discussion should be sufficient to clarify the psycholoyy meaning of this definition.


Geschichte der mittelalterlichen Philosophie im christlichen Brentnaoed. One of Brentano’s main principles was that philosophy should be done with methods that are as rigorous and exact as the methods of the natural sciences. Social disorders cry out more urgently for redress than do the imperfections in navigation and railway commerce, agriculture and hygiene.

Whether or not one is to conclude that he does adopt a form of psychologism depends on the exact definition of the latter term: Ejpirical with them comes a vast range of empirial problems for the psychologist, most of which still await solution. Likewise, with reference to movements that have mental causes, the physiologist must establish within his own field their ultimate and proximate effects.

It is easy to explain why physiology developed so late. He passed away in Zurich on March 17, How to cite this entry. What has been said about the objects of external perception does not, however, apply in the same way to objects of inner perception. This was possible only by temporarily giving up the Austrian citizenship and, in consequence, the job as full professor at the University.

Mill himself believed it to be an established fact that both types of case exist in the domain of inner phenomena. Essays on Central European PhilosophyFrankfurt: Cambridge University Press, — Alas, due to the political turbulences that were to came over central Europe the project was doomed to fail. The bentano remained incomplete. Brentano points out that we can be directed towards one and the same object in different ways and he accordingly distinguishes three kinds of mental phenomena: Mental acts, thus, can stand in a quasi-relation to existing objects like the city of Paris as well as non-existing objects like the Golden Mountain.

Franz Brentano, Psychology From an Empirical Standpoint – PhilPapers

It is wholly inconsistent for thinkers of this persuasion to reject, for the reasons mentioned, the question of immortality even in this, its essential sense, though it certainly would be more appropriate to call it immortality of life than immortality of the soul. Then I hear the third tone, now the second tone is modified as past, the first is pushed back even further into the past.

When experiencing a phenomenon of this class, we take an emotional stance towards an object, i.