By Lisa Alther Blood Feud: The Hatfields And The Mccoys: The Epic Story Of Murder And Vengeance () [Paperback] on *FREE* shipping on. From the bestselling author of KINFLICKS and KINFOLKS comes BLOOD FEUD, a riveting new narrative history of America’s most infamous fighting families, the. Blood Feud by Lisa Alther – book cover, description, publication history.

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Blood Feud

I hate to be harsh, but feu first twelve chapters of the book are oh-so-good. The inclusion of information about other feuds during the same period was interesting as were the chapters on the aftermath and the selling of the story by Hollywood.

Many of the Hatfields were loyal to the confederacy. I had such high hopes since it is such an interesting subject matter but it failed to deliver. Perhaps that is a good thing for anyone reading fictional non-fiction. More could be said but I will leave it with a good recommendation to read this book. I picked it up at a used bookstore a couple months ago.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is her storytelling ability that makes Blood Feud a pleasure to read.

Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance –

Her family is related by marriage both to the McCoys and the Hatfields. She minimized conjecture and speculation and pointed out areas where there were conflicting accounts and missing information such that we will never know all that happened.

I was so interested in this saga of Americana but I am overwhelmed by so many family members and the writing does not give the impact of an epic story.


Its legend continues to have an enormous impact on the popular imagination and the region. Lots of photographs spice things up even more.

I understand that some things have to be changed and condensed, but altuer deviated from the history too much for my liking; but, then again, the History Channel is a disappointment to begin with— Pawn Stars? This book is a part of the genre of history. It was a really dry book to read. I didn’t know much about the feud.

I appreciated her occasional bits of gallows humor, much eeded when dealing with such altheer dark subject. I am re-examining the competitive spirit of While I enjoyed the back stories of Abner Vance and the border wars during the War Between the States and England and Scotland, as well as the presentation of the borderland folkways, I felt as if the author’s true purpose was in her attempt to lay her fear of the Cumberlands with her ancestry.

I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in Appalachia or the period directly following th My husband’s family descended from James McCoy. The book lbood considers the massive changes to the region akther occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries.

This is evidenced by her several successful novels. View all 4 comments. After the conclusion of the story of the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys the book continues to expand upon the feud. I feel as though giving this book one star is generous.

Blood Feud: The Hatfields and the McCoys: The Epic Story of Murder and Vengeance

Lisa Alther puts her storytelling abilities to good use to expand upon the limited evidence that exists about the feud. Just stop reading after Chapter I’m from Northeastern Ohio rather than Appalachian Kentucky or West Virginia, altger there’s little rhyme or reason to what subjects interest me when I’m looking for a book, and specialized history books are a particular favorite.


There is a short discussion of the subsequent history of the two families followed by stories of similar feuds that, while sometimes even more violent, did not receive the attention given to the Hatfields and the McCoys. Jun 29, Carol Coston rated it liked it.

Blood Feud by Alther, Lisa | Lyons Press

This book covers one of the most well-known events of American history that we actually know very little about in terms of the truth. This book has an informal almost conversational approach in writing, which helps to make this an enjoyable reading experience for the casual historian.

Dec 28, Mary Frances rated it it was ok. I came to this book with the typical mythos of the Hatfield-McCoy feud. Lost America Rauf, Don Price: You will need a genealogical chart to follow the events in this book. There is a sho Lisa Alther is an excellent storyteller. The additional material contains interesting speculation about the blopd and psychology of fekd feud.

If I were not suffering from altger insomnia I would probably have abandoned it, but I had a mild curiosity about the history so I stuck it out. If you watched the History Channel it had the same thing.