A few points to note, assuming Alexander won. 1. Alexander, after defeating Porus, impressed by him makes him the governor of all his territories in India. Hydaspes (Old Indian Vitaçtā, modern Jhelum): river in Pakistan, famous for a battle of Alexander the Great. Hydaspes, possible location of the. After destroying the last remnants of the Persian army at Gaugamela, Alexander spent the next two years occupying the heartlands of central Asia. Continuing.

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Hjdaspes also had an officer wear his kings cloak to give the impression that he was also present. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

Awaiting the Macedonian’s on the opposite bank of the river stood a large Indian army more than twice their size commanded by King Porus, the most powerful man in all India. On every visit to the site of the crossing, Alexander made a detour inland to maintain the secrecy of the plan.

With that split-second decision made, he leapt inside. Night was falling, and his men were exhausted.

In an instant, Alexander planted the ladder and bounded up, holding his own shield before him. During the long and hdyaspes march back towards G reece the army stopped at the city of Babylon for rest and refitting, where soon after Alexander contracted a mysterious illness and died shortly after.

Porus’s situation was now critical, not only was he facing a major attack to his front, his left wing was also falling back while on the right his forces were being cut to pieces. Although he lost the battle, he became the most successful recorded opponent of Alexander. Which Indian state produces the maximum wind power? Articles such as this one were acquired and published with the primary aim of expanding the information on Britannica.

He promised more when the last of Asia was subdued: In the center the already hard pressed Indian forces soon found themselves the only troops left on the battlefield as their left wing began to crumble and melt away at about the same time their countrymen on the right flank were swept aside and utterly destroyed as a fighting force.


Battle of Hydaspes | Summary |

But Perdiccas found the city empty, its inhabitants having already fled. Alexander reminded his officers that they had conquered much of the world already. History Map in a Flash. During a stormy night, Alexander and his army slipped away from the Jhelum through a hidden valley, out of sight of Porus. In reality Alexander was already across the Hydaspes and advancing on his position. For Alexander this was the ultimate motivation, but it had lost its allure to those around him.

He recounted how he had liberally passed the greater part of the treasure of conquest to the army, and the governing of the conquered lands to his officers. This site is not difficult to reach and the west bank offers room to gather ships, yet it is out of sight from the other bank. Alexander had always had a fine feel for what would motivate his commanders. He thanked Alexander for consulting rather than compelling them on this matter, and told him that the officers would go forward with him regardless; they could do no less for all the riches and honor Alexander had showered upon them.

What he needed was a surprise crossing, and the rain offered sufficient opportunity.

Alexander’s appearance with fresh units began to turn the tide and push the Indian’s back. When Porus learned that Alexander had advanced over the river, he marched to attack. The Indians may have been brave, but they recognized a near-inhuman killing machine, a veritable mythic hero from their Vedic epics come to life, and prudently kept their distance, forming a half circle from which to hurl every sort of missile at him.

While advancing along the Hydaspes, Raja began to witness enemy troops appearing in the distance. Rather than wait for Perdiccas, he ordered ladders brought up.


After a desperate struggle between man and beast the Macedonian weaponry began to take its toll on the elephant’s.

Hydaspes (326 BCE)

Porus, eschewing the usual tradition of Indian kings fighting from a chariot, were mounted atop his tallest war elephant.

Advancing through continuous rains, swarms of insects and extreme heat, the harsh conditions soon began to take their toll on Alexander’s men, even to the point were he now began to openly hear their complaints.

The elephant charge easily smashed through the Macedonian infantry driving deep into their lines. In an attempt to confuse Porus even further Alexander ordered a detachment of cavalry to charge ahead and pillage all the towns in the vicinity.

Battle of the Hydaspes

U of Nebraska Press — via Google Books. History of the Macedonians. One of the greatest military geniuses of all time, his campaign against India began in BC. Everything that could rust, rot, mold or corrode did. Again his Scythians proved their worth, each spewing showers of deadly arrows. They remonstrated with Alexander for risking his life and thereby the survival of the army.

However the latter were at significant disadvantage in close combat due to their lack of batle and the long reach of their opponent’s sarissas. The powerful beasts caused heavy losses among the Macedonian foot, impaling many men with their steel clad tusks and heaving some of them into the air before pulverizing them, and trampling and disorganizing their dense lines. Many had died in the battles and sieges along the way; more had died of sickness.