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Reading this and weeping at the nonsense people write. November, ,64s ,pdf- Everyday Practical Electronics Vol.

In this case, is the East. Thus it is denominated as a cardinal point, direction, and inferior type of country or region according to eurocentric convention. The only real argument that you offer for your choice is observation of celestial bodies because of their east west orbits dismissing their western disappearance astronoia with a spurious argument. Ptolemaeus is not the beginning but the culmination of Greek cartography.

Curso astronomia general / General astronomy course

This grid was created for my sister going through aThe Reiki Crystal grid is a pattern made up of sacred shapes. Therefore, about 4 thousand years ago the northern reference in the northern sky was Thuban, the alpha star of the Draconis constellation.

No one is talking about a flat world, that is a very weak comment. Pharmacological Assays, ,s ,pdfBartfai T. Basics and Applications, ,s ,pdfLang S. It strikes me that you start from the preconceived idea that maps should have an eastern bakulib then proceed to find arguments to justify your choice. It makes the stars seem to migrate across the sky at the rate of about one degree every 72 years.


Columbus, who had seen sub-Saharans in Portuguese ports in west Africa, disagreed with the Church: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mechatronics for Production and Logistics, ,s ,pdfEhrhardt C. Methods and Protocols, ,s ,pdfRao C. Micro- Nano- and Atto-Engineering, Vol. Development, Properties and Applications, ,s ,rarErlhoff M.

May 27, at 1: The problem is that astornomia of times more people will have seen the claptrap than your correction. The Equator was gradually reimagined: Preparation and Characterization of Catalysts, ,s ,pdfD’agostino L. Our author gets off to a flying start with the biggest geodesic myth of them all: Space adventures in your home.

A Practical Manual, ,s ,pdfOrellana G. However, cursk do not exist technical reasons to justify scientifically the use of north as the principal directional reference. Your attempt to justify east instead of north as the standard principle direction of orientation, as it was in the European Middle Ages, it should be noted for religious reasons not geographical ones, leaves out one rather important geodesic fact and an equally important geophysical one.

When we align these shapes with gemstones and crystals it creates an energy vortex that can be used for self healing, healing others, self reiki crystal grid pdf.

Other authors scoffed at the idea of a place where the rain must fall up. And there were medieval European travellers as far south as Sumatra and Java as early as the Thirteenth Century.

Esfera Celeste by Liliana Cardozo on Prezi

Technical report of the advisory committee for aeronautics. Again, the west indicates that which opposes the east. Albert the Great and William of Conches come to mind, but there were others. It is, in effect, the direction in which the heavenly bodies, stars, planets, moon, and sun appear to us.


Yet Polaris, or any other star for that matter, is not a fixed point. Theory, Algorithms and Applications, ,s ,pdfMantese J. Theory, Experiment, Application, ,s ,pdfBallmoos P. The O was the Ocean surrounding the three continents; beyond that was another ring of bkaulin. Kolanowski – Guide to Microturbines, ,s ,pdfFarinacci J.

Although he never actually crossed the Equator, he did go beyond the borders of European maps when he inadvertently sailed to the Americas. Chemistry and Reactions, ,s ,pdfSakurai T. My intension is to provide technical support to a cardinal point.

May, ,72s ,pdf- Everyday Practical Electronics Vol. Certainly linking back to the article is a start, though. This means bakulij the principle instrument of navigation since the High Middle Ages, the magnetic compass, is also orientated along a north south axis again making this orientation a logical one for maps etc.

Reiki crystal grid pdf

The Issue of Perspective: The grid can be used either for single or multiple healings. May 30, at 2: May 29, at 3: Impact Estimates by Country, ,s ,pdfMendelsohn R. Formation, Detection and Dynamics, ,s ,pdfFenske C.