The BACRIM in places like the region of Bajo Cauca are a typical manifestation of Colombia’s underworld today: a semi-autonomous local cell. The Colombian conflict began in the mids and is a low-intensity asymmetric war between referred to as “criminal groups” (BACRIM) by the government, had become an increasing threat to national security, with violent groups such as . Who are the Bacrim and what do they mean for Colombia’s peace negotiations?.

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Additional filming by Sven Wolters. Peru issued a day state of emergency in the Putumayo Provincean area bordering both Colombia and Ecuador. The Government also began a process of assistance, attention and comprehensive reparation for victims of conflict.

One example is the group Renacer. Archived from the original on April 13, Filmed and edited by Mat Charles. The Virgilio Barco Vargas — administration, in addition to continuing to handle the difficulties of the complex negotiations with the guerrillas, also inherited a particularly bafrim confrontation against the drug lords, who were engaged in a campaign of terrorism and murder in response to government moves in favor of their extradition overseas.

Colombian conflict – Wikipedia

Retrieved April 21, A senior army source, who preferred to remain anonymous, admitted that corruption stifles military operations in Bajo Cauca. These cartels were vertically integrated, hierarchical organizations with a clearly marked command structure that was able colojbia manage, in a centralized manner, all the different links in the drug chain, from drug crops to distribution in the United States.

With respect to indirect costs, although there is a clear difficulty to be quantified, the various studies suggest that they have been significantly high and that they have had a representative impact on society as such. Some cells are closely controlled by the central command, but others operate autonomously.


Retrieved 23 October President Samper of Colombia”. Based on three years of investigation and interviews with current and former BACRIM members with different ranks and responsibilities, this report presents the BACRIM in the words of its members, as well as their victims and the Colombian authorities.

Strategy at the Crossroads” PDF. He has been involved in the murder of scores of people, though he says he never pulled the trigger. Archived June 16,at the Wayback Machine.

A member bwcrim the Conservative Party, Pastrana defeated Liberal Party candidate Horacio Serpa in a run-off election marked by high voter turn-out and little political unrest. Some viewed this report as inaccurate and alarmist, claiming that it did not properly take into account many factors, such as possible actions that the Colombian state and the U.

The BACRIM and Their Position in Colombia’s Underworld

Archived from the original on October 27, The same source indicates that the group uses a strategy of patronage of local gangs, micro-trafficking, hired killings, and extortion, among others, to consolidate its presence INDEPAZ Jan The report documents 1, massacres between and The US Country Reports states that “[o]rganized criminal gangs, as well as illegal armed groups … engaged in … conscription” US 3 Mar.

Part of the Cold War — and the War on Drugs —present. Colombian conflict —present Guerrilla wars Wars involving Colombia Civil wars involving the states and peoples of South America Civil wars post Revolution-based civil wars Military history of Colombia Politics of Colombia FARC Rebellions in South America History of drug control 20th century in Colombia 21st century in Colombia Communism-based civil wars 20th-century conflicts 21st-century conflicts Ongoing conflicts Communist terrorism Anti-communist terrorism Proxy wars Illegal drug trade in Colombia Communism in Colombia Communist rebellions.


The Colombian government and the FARC on November 24 signed a revised peace deal and the revised agreement will be submitted to Congress for approval. Colombian troops of the elite Task Force Omega then stormed the camp, capturing fifteen FARC rebels, as well as 25 rifles, war materials, explosives, and information which was given to military intelligence. According to data from the Directorate of Justice and Security of the DNPthis phenomenon shows an increasing trend.

Viceroyalty of New Granada. However, with the FARC as a national organization now handing in its arms and preparing to rejoin civilian life, the Bajo Cauca underworld is reorganizing, and the new conflicts and cycles of violence are colombiw taking shape.

The BACRIM and Their Position in Colombia’s Underworld

Type of criminal organization. The reasons for fighting vary from group to group. First Attack September He gave himself up to the police after a friend threatened to report him. They do have territorial control and they do control movement corridors across the country. European conflicts Asian conflicts African conflicts.

The government’s reticence is explained by their reluctance to classify such groups as “armed groups” with the political status that this might confer, and which might be a pre-requisite to develop and implement such reintegration strategies. Unlike paramilitaries, created specifically to fight leftist guerrillas, BACRIM is involved in the drug trade and illicit activities without a clear political agenda.