If Arimaa is played using a chess set, the pieces may be represented by the king, queen, knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns respectively. In fact, “Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”. In Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $10, prize, available through . (“Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”). In , Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $ prize, available annually until.

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Different starting position Chess Displacement chess Transcendental Chess. Beyond that, try to create goal threats which will put the enemy on the defensive.

Arimaa/Playing The Game – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Silver has no good arikaa to confront either gold horse; slow maneuvering would not work, as Gold can do damage quickly. Silver can make this harder to accomplish, by sliding the d7, c7, b7, and a7 pieces east.

In fact, “Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”. The camel is placed in the center as well, so that it can easily go to either wing. A rabbit on f7 would make a fence less rulws, since with the gold horse on f5, the gold elephant could pull the rabbit into the trap.

If the pinned piece is the elephant or is too hard to reachrotate out any strong pieces which aren’t needed to hold the frame. For example, the gold elephant on d3 could not simultaneously push the silver rabbit on d2 to e2 and pull the silver rabbit from c3 to d3.

An important element of Arimaa is the overall distribution of pieces. To block the eastern goal, Silver must close the path to g8 without opening a different one-turn goal path. That quotation above, http: In the position at left, Silver has deadlocked both of Gold’s home traps.

Arimaa/Playing The Game

Arimaa is an abstract strategy game, but for me it has just enough of a theme and flavor to it that keeps me engaged.


A horse-by-elephant hostage may be effective on a depleted board.

United States Patent number 6, for Arimaa was filed on the 3rd of Octoberarimax granted on the 3rd of January The main object of the game is to move a rabbit of one’s own color onto the home rank of the opponent, which is known as rulee goal.

Inspired by Garry Kasparov’s defeat at the hands of the chess computer Deep Blue, Syed wanted to design a new game which would be difficult for computers to play well, but would have rules simple enough for his four-year-old son Aamir to understand.

Moreover, advanced pieces may end up hostaged, framed, or blockaded. A push or pull uses two steps, since two pieces are moved.

There is an elephant deadlock at f3 and a camel deadlock at c6, but Silver to move can end both and come out ahead. The silver elephant could move to c5 and unfreeze the fenced horse while also capturing the gold rabbit in arjmaabut the unfrozen silver horse couldn’t then escape, as its only available move would be suicide.

This makes the gold camel a grave threat in the east.

Arimaa – Wikipedia

Even if you’ve never learned how to play Chess, you can learn to play Arimaa in just five minutes. Another option is to keep the gold camel where it is, and use the eastern gold horse to drag weaker pieces down for capture in f3 remember, rabbits can’t retreat homeward.

The second step of a pulling maneuver may be completed, even arima the pulling piece is captured on the first step. In general, the advantage of a small piece hostage over a horse hostage is twofold.

The piece may be unfrozen from a third side, but would have nowhere to go, as the trap is on the fourth side. With the balance of free pieces, elephant rotation ruels be doable for Gold, and would make the gold elephant and camel quite powerful.


Pay attention to how many rabbits you and your opponent retain. InZ-Man Games began producing a commercial Arimaa set. At right, note that the silver elephant is not placed directly opposite the gold elephant.

Arimaa/Print version

However, Gold is the one with problems, as Silver can make multiple captures in c3 unless the gold elephant moves to c4. Suppose Gold is to move in the diagram. Use this link to make moves on the board.

Realizing that Gold is poised to take control, what should Silver do? If instead the pinned camel’s friendly elephant breaks the deadlock, that elephant must relieve the pin and extract the formerly framed piece before any capture can occur.

You can move 4 pieces once or 1 piece 4 times, or any other combination. In fact, I often have to push them over deliberately to put them back in the box. For these and other reasons, one should be selective about hostage-taking. The silver camel can’t escape, due to a phalanx which the frozen g2 horse is part of.

Without a gold piece ensuring the friendly camel’s mobility, Gold would have much more to lose than to gain here. In this case, Silver could trade her camel for a horse: The gold horse in the west is not attacking so much as it is defending the c6 trap.

Pieces can safely advance toward a trap defended by the friendly elephant; by contrast, the home elephant would have to leave the deadlock if it wanted to ensure safe advances of its own pieces. When a non-elephant is its side’s sole defender of a particular trap, it must keep a constant eye on all enemy pieces stronger than itself.