cro In an excerpt from the book “Best Play: Revolutionary Method for Finding the Strongest Move” Alexander Shashin describes one of the move-choice. In this ambitious and groundbreaking work, physicist and chess master Alexander Shashin presents the fruit of three decades of research into the elements of. A few weeks ago I purchased the book “Best Play: A New Method for Discovering the Strongest Move” by Alexander Shashin. For those of you.

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Now imagine others levels,a GM could handle, a etc ,10 decimals is too much margin and its just expressed as example,it need a lot more complicated explanation but this is the basis This is a fact.

Alexander Shashin “Chess is an inaccurate game! Chess is a complicated world with its own fundamental laws. The valuable thing here is not the audacious style of the book and his hermit writer,but the coherent response it generated,and from that we learn.

I believe that the future belongs to my method! In the eighties of the nineteenth century the first chess champion – Vilgelm Steinitz developed his famous position doctrine. It seems as if Arne was afraid to destroy another book and was therefore making an extra effort to say something positive about it.

Taimanov vs A Shashin.

When I first scanned the book in a bookstore, I decided not to buy it because it seemed too theoretical and the writing style perhaps influenced sbashin the translation from Russian to English seemed hard to follow. The following events appeared to be well matched to the previous, eight moves later this unusual fight ended It is a great pity that Fischer did not have a true friend. This is from the same chapter on Tal: There is a question, – Did Capablanka play according to a plan?

  KAC 7252 PDF

These won’t tell me anything. Petersburg master of sports A. Take the starting position.

In addition, the safety factor also pushes us into action …. Sure, it will help the master candidates and masters of sports. To estimate a position according to Shashin you certainly need learn to do it automatically, subconsciously. Log in to post comments.

No eBook available Amazon. And when Garry did not lose, he confirmed his absolute dominance over Karpov.

At least, I take this opportunity to thank the staff of the Publishing House, especially Leonid Racine, who very carefully and accurately transferred into English the essence of my method and wish that aleexander many as possible readers may read my book.

Due to computers the “specific” methodically started to kill the “general”. For example, “Houdini ” or “Rybka”?

Best play – by Alexander Shashin

His idol is Capablanka. Critical positions ‘can’ be deciphered Hi Arne, thank you for your reply. This bears a resemblance. Really only material and mobility seem meaningful, and they’re also somewhat related. In most positions it is enough to know m and p. In about pages Shashin exposes a method of finding the best move in any position based on his unique theory of the game of chess pllay scientific methods.

Vladimir Bagrunov “Chess is purely a psychology”. It is shasyin to come, as only physical science dealing with complex systems can say anything about complex physical phenomena. Perhaps then he might have found the move The fact that my method is effective, I have already been saying in one of my previous conversations. My algorithm of searching the strongest move is based of the theory of complied systems, that is, of lies on the very strong foundation of modern science.

The expansion factor is analogous to the potential energy of a system.

He experienced a very serious creative crisis and presently shows only slight signs of overcoming it. Part 2 Revelation of the analyst. Chess has all the qualities of a complex system the abundance of elements, hierarchy and a so-called “chaos zone”, where it is impossible, in principle, to predict the direction that the system would develop in certain positions.


I shashln say it The author is displayed just above the comments, but the text is so tiny it’s easy to miss. Truth lies in the arithmetic of the mobility of the chess pieces… So, how do things stack up in that regard?

That’s why the great Capablanca lost a match to a workaholic like Alekhine, and the year-old Kasparov defeated the mature champion Karpov, which was, in my opinion, an absolutely impossible task. Some high-level examples are followed by exercises with solutions to help you learn the method.

I want everyone to know that there are many chessplayers who refer respect and even reverence to my method. Only with the development of the “theory of complex systems” we got a sort of key to travel deep into the chess! How does this physical model work?


This goal is unattainable. When Victor replied to 1. HAS anyone read both the interview alexanser A. It is a pity, but Kramnik is not the only young man in crisis, for example, think of Ponomariov.

I do see value in the systematic way he evaluates a position to objectively assess how aggressive to be in selecting candidate moves. Shashin do not conflict with the criteria of Steinitz. If you estimate a position according to the new method, please, give ebst all the estimations of Steinitz.

He said the main thing.