Also known as: Acanthomatous Epulis — Peripheral Ameloblastoma — Basal Cell Carcinoma — Adamantinoma. Here, we report a rare case of acanthomatous ameloblastoma present in a young male in the anterior mandibular region crossing the midline, along with an. Acanthomatous ameloblastoma is considered an aggressive odontogenic tumor characterized by irregular verrucous masses adjacent to the.

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Average age reported is in the third to fifth decade of life, whereas acanthomatous ameloblastoma as reported to occur mostly in the seventh decade of life. It has a high recurrence rate due to its capacity to infiltrate marrow spaces with pseudopods without concomitant resorption of trabecular bone. Sitemap What’s Avanthomatous Feedback Disclaimer. The general health and medical history adanthomatous the patient were not relevant. Acantuomatous extended submandibular incision was given and layer wise dissection has been performed to expose pathological bone.

The OPG and CT scan in our case showed multilocular radiolucencies involving angle and ramus of mandible including condyle and coronoid process with root resorption of 1 st and 2 nd molar which was consistent with the radiographic features 7reported that most of ameloblastoma cases showed expansile, radiolucent, multiloculated cystic lesion with a characteristic “soap bubble” appearance 7.

Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma of Mandible in a Paediatric Patient

Acanthomatous ameloblastoma of anterior acanthomarous. When extensive squamous metaplasia, often associated with keratin formation occurs in central portions of the epithelial islands of follicular ameloblastoma, the term acanthomatous is sometimes applied. Squamous metaplasia of the stellate reticulum-like cells was observed.

In many cases mandibular lymphadenopathy is also observed. On palpation, swelling acnthomatous nontender, with movable overlying skin, soft in consistency, and crepitus was felt over the chin region. Acanthomatous type is a benign tumor, but is locally aggressive and frequently invades the alveolar bone or recurs after marginal surgical excision.


Some authors stated that formation of squamous metaplasia may be due to chronic irritation of calculus and oral sepsis.

Cytological diagnosis of acanthomatous ameloblastoma. J Dent Sci Res ;2: The nomenclature of periodontal epulides in dogs. Iowa State Univ Pr, Required for a definitive diagnosis and incisional biopsy is the technique of choice. The treatment of choice is complete surgical resection.

Metastasis has never been documented in dogs; however, in humans, malignant ameloblastomas and ameloblastic carcinomas have been noted to metastasize to ameloblasotma lungs, pleura, orbit, skull and brain.

The patient was apparently normal 6 months back after which he noticed the swelling. Table 1 Clinical T stage of canine tumors of the oral cavity a. Acanthomatous ameloblastoma accounts for the third most common histological variant of ameloblastoma [ 4 ].

Related articles Acanthomatous ameloblastoma mandible neoplasm tumor. A Textbook of Oral Acwnthomatous. Tumors of odontogenic origin arising in tissues which give origin to the teeth are the most common benign tumors of the canine oral cavity 1.

Progression-free survival was defined as the time between completion of radiation treatment and detection of measurable local tumor recurrence, or death from a cause unrelated to tumor, whichever came first. OPG interpretation revealed well-defined multilocular radiolucent area with corticated borders and internal septa giving appearance of soap bubble extending from the mesial root of tooth 35 to mesial root of tooth 45 involving midline with root resorption of apical one-third in relation to teeth 33, 32, 31, 41, 42, and 43 and displacement of teeth 31 and 32 [ Figure 4 ].

Histopathological picture showing acanthomatous changes. Nil Ameloblasgoma of Interest: Narasimhan Malathi1 G.

Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma in Anterior Mandibular Region of a Young Patient: A Rare Case Report

The median overall survival for the 57 dogs for death due to any cause was 48 mo, and the authors concluded that radiation therapy is an effective treatment for acanthomatous epulis, with no increased risk of radiation-induced cancer over other tumor types.


Although several articles have been published on this subject, little is known regarding the biological behavior of this tumor. OPG showing large unilateral radiolucencies extending from the 1st permanent molar along the ascending ramus up to the neck of the condyle and involving coronoid process and thinning of the lower border and bowing of angle of mandible. The authors thank John and Shirley Clark for kindly providing the photographs of Nouggie.

This information coupled with histopathological confirmation of the diagnosis will allow for the selection of the best individual therapeutic approaches, increasing the treatment efficacy in patients diagnosed with this tumor.

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Gumgum S, Hogoren B. Ectodermal Tumours of Odontogenic Origin. Ameloblastoma is usually asymptomatic and found on routine dental X-rays; however, they present with jaw expansion.

J S Afr Vet Assoc. Articles from Journal of International Oral Health: There was no obliteration of nasolabial folds seen. CanisFelisLapis or Equis. Some others believe that there is no difference among the various subtypes of ameloblastoma. Profile picture reveals a diffuse swelling at chin region a ; intraoral picture reveals obliteration of labial vestibule b Click here to view.

Please review our privacy acanthomaous. Received Dec 12; Accepted Feb In most cases, radical surgery is the treatment of choice. Footnotes Source of Support: